Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event, Challenges and Rewards Explained


The Imperial Guard Collection Event in Apex Legends has arrived to continue the celebrations of Apex’s fourth birthday. The event also heralds the start of the all-new Mixtape mode, which will rotate several fan-favorite modes.

This limited-time event in Apex Legends offers multiple rewards with a similar style, meaning you can pair your weapon with your legend. This time the reward tracker focuses heavily on accessories and surprise rewards.

We will explain it without further ado all challenges and rewards for this event, as well as the Imperial Guard Collection event end date.

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Apex Legends: Imperial Guard Collection Event Trailer

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event Item List

There are 24 event items from the Imperial Guard Collection for you to collect.

You can either obtain these items from an Imperial Guard Collection event pack, or purchase them with Apex Coins and crafting metals.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Event Deadly Relic Revenant

Photo credit: Respawn Entertainment.

The two reward tiers for the 24 different items are Legendary and Epic, we’ve noted the cost of each tier below:

  • epos – All Epic Rewards cost 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals.
  • Legendary – All legendary rewards cost 1,800 coins or 2,400 crafting metals.

Legend Skins

weapon skins

Holosprays and banner frames

How to unlock Wraith’s Heirloom in Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event

Wraith’s Heirloom was originally released in 2019, but to celebrate Apex Legends’ fourth anniversary it has received an updated version. The Hope’s Dawn Kunai Set includes brand new animations, color variations, Mythic Gestures, Mythic Banners and VFX.

If you Complete the Imperial Guard Rally eventyou can Get the Hope’s Dawn heirloom by spending the shards that will reward you in the Heirloom Shop.

You can choose to purchase Wraith’s original kunai heirloom or the new Hope’s Dawn heirloom.

Apex Legends, Wraith's Hope's Dawn Heirloom Kunai

Photo credit: Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event Challenges, Score and Rewards

Every day during the Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection event, you can earn points for completing event-specific challenges. You can collect up to 1,400 points every daytherefore it is not impossible to get all the rewards on the score tracker.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Event Loba Skin

Photo credit: Respawn Entertainment.

How to find the Imperial Guard Collection Event reward tracker

To find the score tracker for this event, you must be on the Apex Legends main screen. Then go to the right side of your screen where your daily and weekly challenge tracker is located.

During the event, you will see an additional page here containing all the Imperial Guard Challenges for that day. You can see how many points you can earn by completing the challenges and how close you are to completing them.

Then click the View Prize Tracker banner at the bottom of that section.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event Reward Tracker

Photo credit: Respawn Entertainment.

This will display your points and progress tracker for that event. Here you can see how many points you have, how close you are to your next reward and what your next reward will be.

All Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event Challenge Rewards

Product Name level point cost
Imperial Guard – Banner Badge epos 250
Imperial Guard Collection Pack epos 250
Ready to Strike – Weapon Spells epos 500
Apex package Rarely 750
x3 Battle Pass Stars Together 1,000
Apex package Rarely 1,250
More Than Goals – Holo epos 1,500
Apex package Rarely 2,000
Damascus Demon – Weapon Charm epos 2,500
Apex package Rarely 3,000
Very cute, very dangerous – holo epos 3,500
x3 Battle Pass Stars Together 4,000
Imperial Guard Collection Pack epos 5,000
Apex package Rarely 5,000

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event Shop

There will also be a special Imperial Guard shop throughout the event. Here you can grab limited-time bundles and items during the event. However, some items are only there for a very short time, so it’s worth checking to see what you can get each day.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Event Wraith

Photo credit: Respawn Entertainment.

Here we’ve listed everything you can currently get in the event shop and when they will leave the shop:

Item/Package Name Contents Price Deadline
Spirit of Protection Pack Spirit of Protection (Legendary Gibraltar Skin) and x7 Imperial Guard Collection Packs. 5,000 Apex Coins (was 6,700) 03/21/23
Deadly Relic Bundle Deadly Relic (Legendary Revenant Skin) and x3 Imperial Guard Collection Packs. 2,500 Apex Coins (was 3,900) 03/21/23
Envious Attitude Pack Envious Stance (Legendary Scryer Skin) and Rings of Power (Epic Scryer Frame). 2,150 Apex Coins 03/14/23
Bottom right Fierce bundle Down Right Fierce (Legendary Pathfinder skin) and Tried and True (Legendary R-301 skin). 2,150 Apex Coins 03/14/23
Atom Heart Mother Pack Atomic Heartmother (Legendary Horizon skin) and Hardball (Legendary Peacekeeper skin). 2,500 Apex Coins 03/14/23
hot potato Hot Potato (Epic Fuse Skydive Emote) 1,000 Apex Coins 03/14/23
Boiling Point Unlock Pack Boiling Point (Epic Fuse Skin), Brood Buster (Epic Prowler Skin), and unlocks Caustic. 1,000 Apex Coins 03/14/23

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection event end time and date

The Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection event is Ends Tuesday, March 21st.

Apex Legends Revenant Deadly Relic Imperial Guard Event

Photo credit: Respawn Entertainment.

Now that you know everything that’s on offer during this event, stay alert and dive into your mode of choice.

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