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Sports bar stool is now a wholly owned subsidiary of PENN entertainment As of last month, some of the most notable personalities are not considered under the PENN umbrella because of sports betting.

Barstool Founder David Portnoy, Dan “Big Cat” Katz and a handful of other big names are not technically Penn or Barstool employees, a Penn spokesman told LSR:

“All Barstool employees will now be part of PENN, with the exception of those who will be working on loan contracts.”

Workaround for Barstool sportsbook

Banning employees from wagering on their own sportsbook is a fairly common rule in all US sportsbook jurisdictions. This includes Massachusettsthe birthplace of Barstool, which launched online betting on Friday.

That prompted Portnoy and some members of the Barstool Sports crew to host a live stream betting on conference tournament basketball to initiate online MA sports betting. However, not everything went perfectly, according to Portnoy went to twitter Calling out the new owners of his media brand for a delayed start:

“Hey @BSSportsbook When can I bet in the fair? I heard 10 o’clock. Still can’t bet. To wait for you. Let’s go”

These well-known barstool personalities are key to Penn’s original customer acquisition plan for Bar stool sports betting. The hope was to add “Stoolies” organically to the Barstool sportsbook database as more states are rolled out.

But Penn CEO Jay Snowden said Handle stock was “slightly weaker” when the company announced its fourth-quarter earnings. Penn will be more visible from a marketing standpoint NFL betting season, he added.

Who else can bet with Barstool?

There are 13 People connected to Barstool who can still bet on Barstool Sportsbook through loan deals:

  • Portnoy
  • cat
  • Pat Beverly
  • josh richards
  • Deion Sander
  • Ariane Foster
  • Taylor and Will
  • Josh Pray
  • Wallo and Gillie
  • Ryan and Paul

Disney continues to wait for sports betting

Disney in no hurry to take care of sports betting, CEO Bob Iger said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference:

“There are ways, not for us, to get into the betting business, but we’ve talked about it and it’s something my predecessor was very interested in incorporating elements into. We already do, bets. Fox does too. I know Lachlan used to be here for the sports programs.

“I think this is important for consumers, especially young consumers. I mentioned earlier at another meeting that I have two sons who are 24 and 20 years old. And it’s not just about fantasy sports, but they care about it. And I prefer to wait as long as possible when I think about it – but I think it’s inevitable that there will basically be a seamless connection between sports programming and sports betting.”

Bloomberg reported October that Disney and DraftKings were on the verge of an exclusive “big new partnership”. But ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro said he doesn’t anticipate a deal being “imminent.” November‘S Sports business journal media innovators conference.

AGA: 68 million bet on March Madness

There will be 68 million Americans participating in men March madness Betting this year, after the American Gaming Association.

These bettors will bet $15.5 billion overall with 31 million Americans bet online, in person, or at a bookmaker. Other 21.5 million will casually bet with friends.

Filling in a bracket remains the most popular way to bet on the tournament 56.3 million planning to enter a bracket competition.

Sportradar wins ATP data, sports betting streaming rights

sports radar beat four other bidders for the global data and betting streaming rights ATP Tennis matches begin next year, according to a company press release.

The data provider was previously a secondary data feed provider since early 2022.

Sportradar controls the rights for six Years. TDI and Sportradar are yet to finalize contract details before the new cycle begins January 1st.

More markets for women hit the handle of DraftKings

DraftKings saw his total grip jump 9% in 2022 after adding more than 200 women’s sports leagues about its online offerings.

Basketball and tennis dominated both grip and betting last year, the company said. The WNBA, US Open And Australian Open Place one to three in handle and bets.

College basketball finished fourth in grip and fifth in betting Wimbledon finished fifth in handle and fourth in betting.

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