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Magnus The Voice season 23
Pictured: Magnus — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

After yesterday’s premiere of the 23rd season of The voice showcased a slew of memorable talents, some memorable moments for first-time coaches Niall Horan And chance the rapper, and dozens of mentions of Blake Shelton’s In its final season, the show returns tonight for a second round of blind auditions!

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Sheer Element (Trio – Jej Vinson, Tabon Ward, Izzy Kaye) – Los Angeles, CA – Leave the Door Open by Silk Sonic

The trio slowly but surely impresses the judges with their harmonies, causing Chance, Niall and Kelly to turn their chairs. Kelly then shoots up and calls Jej’s name because he was on Team Kelly in season 16.

Niall tells them that they were all trying to figure out how many harmonies were in the group, but the reason he turned around was because their performance gave him a feeling. Chance says the overall presentation was crazy. Kelly says she already loves Jej’s voice, but advises them to pick a trainer based on song choices, just before Niall snaps, “I was in a group!” Sheer Element chooses… and publicity! Sheer Element chooses Team Kelly!

Carlos Rising – 28 – Wilmington NC – Change the World by Eric Clapton

Carlos has a very unique tone to his voice despite sounding like a well known reality singing show voice. Blake turns his chair over almost immediately, while Kelly waits until the very last second to turn.

Chance says his voice would go well with R&B. Kelly says she’s been waiting for him to climb and believes he has what it takes and it’s her job to make him grow. Niall says he has a controlled rasp. Blake says he gets excited when he hears a voice that’s unrelated to the one he’s heard before. Carlos chooses Team Blake.

Alex Graham – 24 – Belmont NC – She had me at Heads Carolina by Cole Swindell

Alex has a very Luke Bryan-sounding voice and song selection. Great voice but nothing that stood out leading to no one turning chairs.

Kelly said she didn’t know the song. Niall said he didn’t turn over because of pitch problems, while Blake tried to get him to turn over during the performance.

Magnus – 25 – Virginia Beach VA – Sara Smiles from Hall & Oats

Magnus starts the song and Chance turns his chair after the very first note. It ended with a long falsetto that impressed everyone.

Chance gives him a standing ovation and says he’s so excited to win the show with him. He praises his runs and the final score. Niall says his voice is amazing and he can smell Chance’s excitement as he turns around. Blake says he’s happy for Chance. Magnus joins Team Chance.

Kala Banham – 24 – Windermere FL – Both sides now by Joni Mitchell

Kala’s strong voice stuns with this ballad, Kelly forces himself not to press the button too quickly. Niall turns his chair and blocks Kelly. Chance turns his chair over before the end of the song.

Kelly says she felt the message and the words meant something to her and she plans to steal them. Niall praises the song choices and says her voice was brittle and delicate. Then he says he gets a block and he’s decided to use it on her and he wants to grab a guitar and write a song with her. Chance wants to give her song options that the other judges may not have. Blake says he’s never heard the song before and when he looked at his fellow judges they were all singing along and Kala needs to take her CHANCE with those coaches. Kala chooses Team Niall.

A surprise artist enters the stage and sings “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near)” by Michael McDonald.

The artist turns and reveals himself Jimmy Fallon! Kelly rotates her chair first, followed by Niall and Chance. Blake never turns around, so Jimmy walks over and pushes Blake’s button for him.

Jimmy shuts down his new show That’s My Jam, then congratulates Blake on 23 seasons. He then says he’s choosing Team Kelly.

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