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THE VOICE -- Pictured:

Saw it at the blind auditions last night Niall Horan hook a Harry Styles Fan on his team, while a deaf singer joined Team Kelly, and tonight a handful of new chair gymnast hopefuls will be singing The voice!

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The show begins with Blake pranking Kelly by dripping water on her seat. She sits in it and immediately knows it was Blake’s doing.

Kate Cosentino – 23 – Kansas City, Kansas – “I say a little prayer”

Kate’s funky wardrobe style matches the unique groove in her voice. Kelly and Chance turn around, followed by Niall, who immediately says she’s awesome.

Chance says there is a lot of joy coming from her voice and that she will do great things in this competition. Kelly says she has the coolest guitar and a pretty alto register. Niall says she has an already made style and “Italian confidence”. Kate chooses… and publicity! Kate chooses Team Niall.

Al Boogie – 37 – Gonzales, LA – “PROBLEMS”

Al’s gruff voice on this country rock song draws everyone’s attention, but no one turns.

Blake says Al has the coolest last name, but felt like he was backing away from big tones. Kelly says she was waiting for more momentum but he made her feel so good. Chance says he’s never heard the song and thinks it’s funny that everyone else knew it. Chance then wishes him luck on his journey.

Chloe Abbott – 24 – Detroit, MI – “How deep is your love”

Chloe says that alongside music she is training for the 2024 Olympics and is passionate about running tracks. Chloe has a very soft voice, and while not every note is perfect, Chance turns his chair for her when no one else is.

Chance says her runs were controlled. Blake asks her about the Olympics and says he’s also signing up for the Olympics, at which point Carson literally turns off a polygraph.

Kelly asks if Blake Shelton is his name and Blake says yes and is telling the truth. Kelly then asks if Blake blocked her that season, and Blake says he doesn’t think it was him and lies. Kelly asks if she’s his favorite coach and Blake says absolutely and lies. Carson asks if Gwen married him out of pity, and Blake probably says, telling the truth. Then Niall says let’s go back to Chloe and She joins Team Chance.

Marcos Covos – 30 – Dallas, TX – “Tu Solo Tu”

Marcos almost immediately got Kelly to turn her chair over with his soft but strong voice. On the last note, Blake turned his chair.

Kelly says she loves when people sing in Spanish and he was beautiful and passionate and she’s such a fan of his. Blake says his voice was incredible and he knew from the audience’s reaction that everything that was happening on stage was good. Chance says he’ll make a great team with Kelly. Niall asks if he can see the regret on his face. Marcos chooses Team Kelly.

Tiana Goss – 29 – Los Angeles, CA – “Emotions”

Tiana recalls auditioning last season and didn’t get a chair turn before coming out with this beautiful pop ballad that has Niall turning his chair around the second line.

Niall says he can’t wait to turn around and Chance vibrated next to him. Kelly says her voice is magical. Niall says he has no one like her and she hoped for him. Tiana joins Team Niall.

Mary Kate Connor – 17 – Ashburn, VA – “Stars”

Young and peppy with a beautiful country vibe to her voice, she sounds like she could easily belong to Team Niall, Team Kelly, or Team Blake, but only Kelly and Blake are turning their chairs.

Nialls says it was amazing to hear so much power and control. Kelly asks if she wants a determined coach who knows what they’re going to say after Blake says he doesn’t know what to say yet. Blake says her voice is soft and angelic. Blake asks Niall to deliver his line, “This is my last season and I would be honored if you would play Blake on my very last team.” Chance says he didn’t turn because she was better with Kelly or Blake would cut off. Mary Kate chooses Team Blake.

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