Colby Covington vs. Conor McGregor: Is ‘The Greatest UFC Event Ever’ Next?


O2 ARENA, LONDON — Colby Covington said he would fight Conor McGregor eviscerating UFC 286 headliners Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman, likening his potential involvement to the Revolutionary War, claiming the 2021 US election is against close friend Donald Trump been manipulated and insulted British women in his role as backup fighter for the event.

In a wide-ranging broadside, Covington claimed the crowd wasn’t interested in the card at a sold-out O2 Arena in London and said he hoped Usman, whom he lost to in 2019 and 2021, or opponent Edwards fell and injured himself on the way to Octagon, allowing him to intervene by being slapped on the shoulder by UFC President Dana White.

“I’m ready to come on tonight,” he said. “If Dana White comes along and pats me on the back, tonight I’ll step into that cage and take that belt back to America where it belongs.

“It will be just like the War of 1776 when we defeated the English. Those jerks in the main event — they have no charisma, nobody cares about them, nobody wants to see them fight. Their number is miserable. I’m excited to boost ratings and bring some power to this O2 arena.”

Covington vs. McGregor: “Biggest event UFC would ever do”

Covington stressed that he’s grateful to the UFC and wants to make as much money as possible from the promotion, which could include fighting former two-weight champion McGregor.

“Whenever we find the biggest fight that brings in the most money, I’ll come out to play,” he said, speaking of McGregor, who hasn’t fought since beating Dustin Poirier in his second straight loss at IM broke his leg in 2021.

“Conor has done some great things in this sport. He’s a great fighter, but his time flies. He’s made a lot of money, so he just doesn’t feel the same hunger.

“Who knows if he’ll be back soon? He has yet to get the USADA pool. If Conor wants to fight one day, it’s probably the biggest event the UFC would ever do, as you can see from the numbers I pulled. If you want to sit down and think this is the biggest and best fight, you can do, let’s do it.

Usman vs Edwards 3: Covington ‘with Donald Trump’ before call

UFC chief executive Hunter Campbell called Covington three weeks before UFC 286 and told him to “stay ready in case something happens,” he said.

The confirmation call came at “about 10 p.m.” four days before fight night. “I dated Donald Trump last week — we were with [Trump advisor] Kimberly Guilfoyle’s birthday at Donald Trump’s home,” he added.

“We were at a party and we just ate and I didn’t really think I was going to be the backup fighter, so I figured I’d spend a little bit of money, eat, have this buffet food and catering and not bother.”

Covington flew Wednesday and lost 18 pounds to gain weight for Thursday’s welterweight fight. “Did you hear me cry, did you hear me making excuses?” he asked. “Who else can say he does that? I’ve proven my worth and worth to the UFC.”

The 35-year-old has repeatedly received support from Trump for his struggles. “The most important title of all is Donald Trump’s favorite fighter,” he continued.

“The 45th President of the United States and soon to be the 47th. He would have been the 46th if they hadn’t rigged the election.

“He’s the greatest president in American history and he’s going to come back and make America great again.”

When asked about authorities’ investigations into Trump’s dealings — the former leader has said in recent days he expects an arrest — Covington called it “more fake news, more political sham.”

“They robbed his house for no reason,” he scolded. “All they keep doing is making up fake news about him.

“You have nothing on him. You are afraid of him. They know he’s coming back and he’s going to be president in 2024 and they’re trying to frame him.”

Covington chastises UFC headliners Edwards and Usman

“In England you like to quote Shakespeare,” said Covington when told that Edwards and Usman were unaware that he would be his replacement.

“In America we like to quote the great poet [rapper] lil wayne And just like he said, real Gs [gangsters] move in silence like lasagna.

“These other two idiots are walking down the street and not one in ten people will recognize them. There’s a reason for that. They can’t pull fights, they suck.

“You cannot draw money with a green pencil and a white piece of paper. The fans don’t care, they want me on board. I’m hoping one of them stumbles on a cord going to the cage so I can get in and fight and make the division great again.

“Nobody talked about this event. I’d rather fight both of them at the same time in the main event, I’m that serious. I’ve got my mouthguard and cup on my back.”

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Covington: Khamzat Chimaev ‘fucked up’, Nate Diaz ‘soy boy’

Covington scathingly referred to feared newcomer Khamzat Chimaev as the “dogface motherf*****” and appeared to be referring to his absence through Covid when accusing him of “returning to the common cold”.

“He talks all this shit, he talks about me in the media,” he raged. “They put him in a fight against ‘Soy Boy’ Nate Diaz and he couldn’t put on nine pounds. The guy sucks at fighting. He’s unprofessional. The guy couldn’t hold my damn jockstrap.”

A fight with Chimaev “was never formally presented,” said Covington. “We talked about it. I wanted to derail this hype train. I saw the quitter in him from the start. He has no cardio.”

The UK earned little more admiration from Covington. “The food sucks,” he suggested. “The weather sucks. The girls definitely suck, but I’m from Miami – I’m the King of Miami – so it doesn’t compare. It was not a pleasant journey.

“I came here within a day to fight for a world title against one of these idiots who are fighting tonight. I was ready to fight yesterday, I will be ready tomorrow.”

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