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Cumberland County plans to hold a tire collection and recycling event at the County Recycling Center, 1001 Claremont Road, in late May or late June.

County commissioners on Thursday approved a request by recycling coordinator Justin Miller to start a so-called pilot program in partnership with Vector Control County and the Keep PA Beautiful organization.

Miller outlined two scenarios for a three-day event that would take place Monday through Wednesday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. One scenario requires a low-end volume of two tons of collected tires, the other a high-end volume of 10 tons.

Based on his projections, an event could cost the county between $1,145 and $3,470 in labor, freight and tip fees while generating an estimated $600 to $3,000 in revenue.

The plan is to make up any shortfall with up to $800 in state grants the county receives for mosquito habitat reduction.

Rainwater can collect in a discarded tire, creating an ideal environment for mosquitoes, which are known to transmit the West Nile virus, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

To donate tires, county residents would have to pre-register, Miller said. The county plans to charge an average of $3 per tire, he said.

Cumberland County bases this rate on a survey of what tire recyclers and other counties charge, Miller said. “We came up with 15 cents a pound. The average tire weighs 20 pounds, so that’s $3 per tire. I don’t think we’re out of the stadium. Some of the other counties charge $4 to $5 per fire.”

He said it’s fairer to go with a price per pound because there are always people bringing dirty tires to fundraisers. “You should pay for the extra weight,” Miller said.

Joseph Cress is a reporter for The Sentinel, covering education and history. You can reach him at jcress@cumberlink.com or by phone at 717-218-0022.

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