DesMoines Food Truck sales pilot program has begun


The Washington State Food Thick Association (WSFTA) will partner with the City of Des Moines to conduct a food truck pilot program that will allow eligible mobile food vendors to serve at multiple locations.

Vendors wishing to participate must apply through the Association and meet the specific requirements outlined below.

Here are the provider’s terms and conditions:

  • Sellers must have a general business license from the City of Des Moines, L&I insignia, a King County health permit, proof of insurance, and a King County regional fire department fire inspection and permit not older than 12 months. Apply for the $75 city license here: (Sellers in the pilot program do not have to pay the additional $100 mobile grocery vendor enrollment fee.)
  • Provider participants must receive a certificate of insurance of 2mm general aggregate and an additional insured confirmation showing City of Des Moines, 21630 11th Avenue S, Suite A Des Moines, WA 98198.
  • Vendors must email their COI to the WSFTA.
  • Vendors may not park within 50 feet of another grocery store unless approved by the owner of that store.
  • Participating providers must report their sales and ticket numbers no later than 24 hours after the end of the service. This sales data is used to manage and evaluate the location, determine the best number of food vendors, preferred cuisines, best days/times for service and allows the WSFTA to advise the next scheduled vendor on the number of meals planned . This information helps reduce food waste and maximize seller success.
  • The food truck pilot program uses only locations owned and operated by the City of Des Moines, ie participating vendors are exempt from the current mobile food vendor application and fee. DO NOT submit a mobile grocer application or pay the fee. Participating vendors must remain licensed by the City of Des Moines and comply with the City of Des Moines Municipal Code, where applicable.
  • Prohibitions: The food truck operator may not use tables, chairs or audio amplifiers in connection with the food truck. With the exception of a portable gas powered generator, all equipment must be in or on the food truck during operation.
  • Vendors must email the WSFTA with their food truck/trailer length (Some locations may have limited sales space.)
  • Vendors must set up a Street Food Finder account (which is free) and log into their Street Food Finder account to view specific vendor location times and details, and to book themselves. Participating vendors do not have to be members of the WSFTA to use Street Food Finder or participate in this pilot program. Start your SFF profile here:
  • Where applicable, providers are required to keep a copy of an issued Right of Way (ROW) on board.
  • Suppliers must comply with the IFC (International Fire Code) 2018 and:
    • Locate generators at least 10 feet from the mobile grocery vending unit unless permanently attached to the tow trailer frame.
    • Make sure there is at least 10 feet clearance from buildings, structures, vehicles and all combustible materials. Follow all NFPA security best practices.
  • Reasons for ending the pilot program may include:
    • failure to comply with all state and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances relating to mobile grocery sales,
  • Acting unprofessionally in a way that poorly reflects the pilot program or the food truck industry as a whole.
  • Abusive, disrespectful or rude behavior towards organizers, government officials, other vendors or employees or volunteers of the WSFTA,
  • Dishonesty or falsehood regarding licenses, permits, insurance coverage, sales figures, etc.

All vendors must follow the City of Des Moines Food Truck Pilot Program best practices:

  • Vendors must keep the sales area clear of obstructions that impede the free use of sidewalks by pedestrians and provide a minimum of 5 feet wide unobstructed walkway adjacent to the food truck and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act for pedestrian access.
  • Vendors must return the sales area to the same condition in which they found it and remove any litter and equipment they bring with them.
  • Vendors must dispose of their own garbage, recycling and all other food waste in accordance with Department of Health requirements. In an effort to be environmentally responsible, vendors use zero single-use plastics and offer recyclable, compostable and/or biodegradable serviceware. Food trucks must be parked a minimum of 15 feet from fire hydrants and 5 feet from driveways, sidewalks, utility boxes or safes, handicap ramps, building entrances or exits, or emergency call boxes.
  • Food trucks may be parked no more than 12 inches from the curb. These minimum and maximum distance requirements are all measured in a straight line from the nearest point of the food truck’s proposed location to the nearest point of the buffered object.
  • We strongly encourage participating vendors to behave as “good neighbors” by promoting local businesses near the point of sale when posting upcoming food services on social media, ideally with links to nearby retailers or other businesses.
  • Leave no trace:
    • Vendors are responsible for: ensuring drain pans are placed under truck engines and generators, leaving no marks/droplets/grease in the sales area, and always disposing of waste water to an approved location per county health plan review. Violation of these Terms and Conditions: If the food truck operator is found to be in violation of the terms of the pilot program, a warning will be issued. A second violation within a 6-month period will result in revocation of the pilot program. Parking violations should be reported to the police emergency number:


  • location 1 Activity Center/FAA Regional Headquarters Address: 2200 South 216th Street / 2045 S. 216th Initial days/service hours: Tuesdays 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m
  • location 2 Marina aft deck Concert SeriesAddress: 22307 Dock Ave S Initial days/service hours: Thursdays & Sundays – 4:30pm – 7:00pm
  • place 3 “Sweet and Savory Saturdays” at Redondo Beach – Highline Aquarium & Olympic Outdoor Center Address: 28301 Redondo Beach Dr. First days/service times: Saturdays – 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m
  • place 4 beach park Summer Concert Series and Other Special Events Address: 22030 Cliff Ave S, Initial Days/Service Hours: Wednesdays – 7/5/23 to 8/23/23

To see which trucks are participating, when and where they will be, the public can access the schedule and location details

All program details can be found here on the association’s website:

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