FaZe member Teeqo lashes out at the organization for financially snubbing him


FaZe Clan has faced criticism from its members over the past few months, particularly when their share price fell below one dollar in early 2023. The latest to openly criticize the esports organization is Teeqo, a content creator affiliated with FaZe Clan. He joins a list of people associated with the organization who have spoken out against its practices, including Rain’s corruption allegations over the past year.

In a ten minute video titled Dear FaZe Clan, Teeqo accused management of overlooking its value as a member and giving newcomers better deals and benefits instead of supporting those who have been with the team for over a decade. He also referred to his contracts as “false promises” and accused FaZe of seducing him:

“It’s what drives me with false promises and lies and never admitting it, always blaming someone else.”

He further claimed that the only deal he ever had with them was the controversial Tfue deal, which became a huge deal back in 2019-20 due to the low payout for the streamer.

‘You kept showing me I wasn’t serious’: Teeqo tears FaZe up in tears for not caring about its oldest members

Teeqo joined the organization back in 2014 and has been a professional player and streamer for FaZe Clan ever since. His YouTube channel has over 2.6 million subscribers and his Twitch channel currently has around 427,000 followers.

Fans will remember that he was one of those suspended from FaZe Clan during the crypto fraud allegations in 2021, but he has since returned to creating content. Swagg announced Teeqo’s return in August 2022, which caused a lot of buzz.

However, it is evident that the relationship between Teeqo and the organization was not amicable, and the creator seems disillusioned with his representation by the company:

“Everyone has made it very clear that I’m not an owner and that I’m nowhere near the top dogs. I don’t care for shit. They’ve shown me time and time again that I don’t mean it.” t you all.”

He further criticized them for not supporting decades-old members while claiming to be one of the largest esports organizations in the world:

“How do you want to become the largest organization in the world? Leaders in this scene, driving this scene, driving this industry, leading by example? And you can’t even take care of your member who’s been at it for 12 fucking years?”

After recalling how they refused to pay him for certain sponsored photoshoots, Teeqo continued to slam FaZe, claiming he was put in a position where he was neither an owner nor a member:

“I’ve been in that gray area where I’m not the owner like these guys because obviously I’m not nearly as important as these guys. But I also don’t get paid for everything I do. Hey, you’re a valuable member, here’s a contract. No no. Because it’s such a privilege to be on FaZe!

The video also caught the attention of esports personality Jake Lucky, who shared a clip of Teeqo’s video on Twitter, in which the creator asked Faze Clan to issue a statement clarifying the financial terms of the deal.

The tweet quickly resonated with fans and other esports personalities, sparking a conversation about the treatment of content creators and players in esports organizations.

He is asking FaZe Clan to issue a statement on whether or not he is still a FaZe member

You can watch his video here:…

How did Twitter react to Teeqo’s video?

The YouTuber and Twitch streamer shared a link to the video on their social networks, and even other members like Swagg and other content creators responded to the tweet and offered their support.

Here are some general reactions to his video calling out FaZe:

@Teeqo Got your back Brodie. I definitely support.
@Teeqo Appreciate what you’ve done for the CSGO team over the years
@Teeqo Why didn’t you cave in when management canceled your Tfue-like contract?
They didn’t offer a new contract, so you’ve been working for them for free for the past few years. Why?!
@Teeqo You have always been there for our team since day 1. Appreciate everything you have done for me and the team
@Teeqo Good for you for speaking up, bro.
@Teeqo Nice to see you speaking up, man 🏻🫡

Earlier this year, FaZe was part of another controversy when a Saudi streamer publicly quit the organization over its LGBTQ+ stance.

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