Personal website

Five reasons why a personal website might be better than LinkedIn for career building

Personal website

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LinkedIn is a popular destination for presenting resumes to hundreds of millions of people. While there are many good reasons to do this, relying on a third-party site to showcase your talent and skills isn’t optimal. Owning and operating a personal website is still the best way to flaunt your unique skills, and unlike the early days of the web, you don’t even need to know a bit of code to get your own website up and running .

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Blueprints Website Builder provides you with 200+ prototype starter templates, 30 navigation panels, and easy-to-implement SEO tools to help you present yourself online easily and efficiently—all without any coding knowledge.

Maintaining a strong online presence can have a major impact on your employment prospects. Here are five reasons why having your own website is the better way to build your online presence in 2020.

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1. You become more visible online – especially for recruiters

Let’s face it: everyone googles everything. After a recruiter learns your name, they enter it into Google’s search engine. Maybe they’re looking for top-notch talent. Searching the LinkedIn sea isn’t going to produce many ideal options given the volume. Sifting through that is too staggering a prospect. With a personalized website showcasing your unique skills, you can leap to the front of the pack when recruiters are on the hunt.

2. It is an opportunity to make money

You cannot monetize LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Indeed. But you can monetize your own website. There are a number of ways to turn your website into a cash cow, even if you’re looking for a job. You can offer coaching services, start a subscription-based newsletter in your field, create training courses, open an e-commerce store – the possibilities are endless. A good-looking resume is one thing. Earning from your website is something else entirely.

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3. You may perform in front of an audience

The goal is always to become a leader in your field. Whether it’s a niche you’re a leader in or a crowded field you’re trying to break into, you can’t showcase your specific expertise on resume websites. Thanks to Blueprints Website Builder you can turn your homepage into a lecture video or a call to action. No matter what your business is, you want complete control over the user experience.

4. A personal website is more dynamic than a resume

Nobody can hear you on LinkedIn. You can read about you and scroll through your connections, but there’s nothing that reflects your voice. You have no control over the colors or fonts. There is no individuality. This is what makes a personal website so valuable: you control every dimension of your online presence. Your skills as a designer, coach or business leader are brought to life in a meaningful way. As important as your resume is, what really connects recruiters and HR is the person behind the bullet points.

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5. A personal website will help you learn new skills

Even with no design experience, Blueprints Website Builder will help you quickly create an incredible looking website. Along the way, you may discover new skills you want to learn, such as For example, programming your own web pages, editing audio or video to present your ideas, or styling your look with graphic design. You will also learn how to become a master of communication as you will have to consider every word you utter. Don’t worry, there’s nothing daunting about that. In fact, as you sit down at a white screen to figure out who you want to be, you’re likely to discover new aspects of yourself.

With Blueprints Website Builder, you can launch your own website within hours of signing up. Minimalistic block styles and responsive content blocks make it easy for you to learn and master. With over 200 sample pages to explore, you’ll be up and running in no time.
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