For just one night, KCI’s new terminal became the city’s premier event venue; That’s how they did it


TTransforming an airport terminal into a high-profile, elegant celebration and then getting it back to an airport terminal within 48 hours is no easy feat, said Whitney Butler, but the women-led PlatinumXP team was up for the challenge.

Ellen Sherman, Lauren Rios, Olivia Morini, and Whitney Butler, PlatinumXP; Photo by Adri Guyer, PlatinumXP

“We have created in a place that can never again be used as a venue. We have several different departments in-house here at Platinum, and it took each and every department – ​​as well as dozens of outside vendors – to make these events happen,” said Whitney Butler, Director of Business Development and Event Planning at PlatinumXP.

PlatinumXP is a full-service, one-stop event planning agency with departments in planning, destination management, AV, graphics, manufacturing, media, floral and virtual events. The Kansas City-based agency won both the bid for KCI’s private celebration of the new terminal and the bid for the public open house.

“I have no doubt about that [we won both bids] because we can offer so many of these services internally under one roof,” said Butler. “Although we have different leads for each area, we all work together as one team. It’s pretty incredible what we can achieve here. We are an energetic, passionate team and our industry is very intense – but when you look forward to the projects, you can tell.”

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