Implementing AR Solutions in an Ecommerce: Features and Benefits


Today’s e-commerce is exciting with all the technologies surrounding it, ranging from conversational commerce to mobile wallets. Augmented Reality (AR) is among the latest technologies to enter the e-commerce space. Aren’t we already feeling its effects?

From education to healthcare and from manufacturing to retail, AR is making waves in many online businesses. Businesses can now use product lines like Zolak to transform the consumer shopping experience. It’s time we looked at the suitability of this technology and consider adopting it. Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of AR solutions for ecommerce.

A quick look at the technology

Put simply, AR is a mix of the real and virtual worlds. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), where interaction takes place in a computer-generated environment, AR brings virtual detail to the real world. The experience created is so amazing because the resulting 3D objects are rendered directly in the real world. For an even more realistic experience, AR adds graphics and sound to the objects.

In short, this is why AR is attractive to many industries, including sports, advertising, manufacturing, and retail. Businesses using the technology for e-commerce attract and provide better value to their online customers as shown by the following characteristics.

Top features of AR solutions in e-commerce

AR may be a superior technology, but it’s amazing that it is does not even require specialized or complementary equipment. With just a tablet or smartphone, the buyer is ready to experience the real and virtual world.

The technology has Excellent for e-commerce, especially as online-based commerce remains a growing area. If someone didn’t find e-commerce compelling before, they will most likely like it now that AR solutions are available.

Now that shoppers are ready to buy complicated and larger items online, the feature of AR to contextualize a productis a popular feature. The perfect merging of the real and virtual world must be the most important feature of these solutions. Additional features make AR solutions for e-commerce even more exciting.

Looking at the prompt interaction that come with this method, you realize how many competitive advantages companies are missing if they have yet to implement AR solutions in e-commerce.

Naturally Identification of articles in 3-d is a notable feature of AR solutions. Keep in mind that your AR solution for ecommerce can be tag-based or not tagged to recognize an image. The one without markers is available as overlay AR, contour-based AR, project-based AR, or location-based AR.

AR solutions have their fair share of e-commerce benefits, such as: B. the following.

If you’re still wondering why AR solutions have become relevant in e-commerce, we present you with more concrete reasons. AR has been in the industry for a while and the following benefits have manifested themselves.

Increased customer confidence

Make no mistake; When buying online, skepticism is still high. AR lets customers see the actual item before purchasing. This is a huge boost in buyers’ confidence that they don’t have to return the item or make a complaint. The Information Systems (IIS) Journal unpacked this benefit during the coronavirus period.

Longer shopping time

Did you know that the more time visitors spend on your website, the higher the chances they will pay for your products? If you have AR for ecommerce, encourage people to stay on site, try products and share with family/friends. The purchase decision can be made instantly, hence this technology can boost sales.

Highly interesting customer experiences

Every brand longs for a high personal bond with its customers. AR promotes this element perfectly. When customers are in control of their buying experience, there is a sense of ownership. Some will even feel the need to share what they want to buy with friends and family. All of these freedoms contribute to the commitment that is essential to a company’s growth and profitability.

Faster product development

The impact of AR on the product development process is also significant. For example, you can show customers images of products and get their feedback. The developers then take action and use the feedback to design future articles. Again, the modified version of the item is available for customers to try or inspect before purchasing.

Use cases of AR solutions in e-commerce

You can’t talk about AR solutions for e-commerce without mentioning Nike and its Nike Fit project. The giant company uses AR to match customers’ feet with what’s available in their store.

A Swedish company called IKEA uses AR in its online store for things like kitchenware and furniture. Placing items at home has never been more accurate for customers.

Many other companies continue to deploy the best AR solutions for ecommerce around the world, and as we’ve seen, they’re realizing benefits ranging from increased conversions to personalized customer communications.


The features and benefits of AR for eCommerce are too good for businesses to ignore. If you ask me, the biggest impact is in the improved engagement rates that help increase sales. Based on this and other transformations, it’s only a matter of time before we see an avalanche of companies looking for these e-commerce solutions.

So why are you still undecided? Find a reputable company to join the growing ecommerce family enjoying the benefits of AR.

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