Johnson County Republican leader claims there was an attack on a drag storytime


Johnson County GOP Official Micah Broekemeier holds a sign that reads

Amid high tensions over Iowa Legislature’s efforts to restrict LGBTQ+ rights, the Johnson County Republican Party leader claims she was assaulted when she and other conservative activists opposed a drag story time event at the Iowa City Public Library protested.

About 400 people, mostly parents with children, participated in the Drag Family Storytime in a library meeting room on Tuesday. Teresa Horton Bumgarner, the party leader, was there with several others, some carrying signs condemning the library and drag performers as “groomers,” a term implying the manipulation of children for harmful purposes.

As Bumgarner sat amidst a group of parents and children and live-streamed the event, she was repeatedly confronted by both parents and counter-protesters. At one point, she was grabbed, held and insulted by a person during the recording and was later shoved by a parent, who said she was trying to prevent her from live-streaming videos of children posing for photos with the drag performers.

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