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Local Author’s New Publication Promotes Tolerance and Kindness | community news

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A former lawyer’s first attempt at writing children’s books prompted her to create a 30-page report examining the connections in nature and how they are reflected in modern society.

Veronica Jaeger O’Sullivan’s Glory Be! tells of a farmer’s “miraculous” discovery that a monarch butterfly could not take off because the tips of its wings were struggling to unfold. The farmer tends to the creature daily in hopes that it will gain the strength needed to spread its wings and fly.

O’Sullivan’s real-life friendship with Lisa Olson inspired her writing project, which aims to teach the value of tolerance and connection with our family, friends and neighbors.

“Our world is full of kindness, but sadly, stories like this don’t often make front pages or go viral on social media. It’s no secret that drama and suspense grab people’s attention. Like all creations in nature, we are designed with an instinct to pay attention to things that could harm us. However, people are unique. We have a sense of empathy, as well as the ability to choose whether to direct that empathy toward ourselves or toward others when faced with challenges that could harm us,” explained the New York native, who is currently with her husband David and lives with her son Hunter in the Oakbrook area of ​​Summerville.

“I hope it will inspire readers of all ages to lead with kindness and empathy toward others.”

O’Sullivan shared the cathartic effect writing has blessed her with over the years as she wrote numerous blog articles, legal/surgical procedures and even love letters to her husband before tying the knot.

The writer’s love of pouring her energy and emotion into her journals and personal website ( prompted her last August to round out her career as an operations management specialist and throw herself fully into her writing and also prioritize reconnecting with old friends.

“A friend who was instrumental in the creation of this book was my second grade teacher, Sarah Christene Bass, who provided the true story and photos behind Glory Be!” continued O’Sullivan, who has a bachelor’s degree in and holds a Master of Arts degree in Sociology and Education, respectively.

The other friend who spurred the 17-year-old Lowcountry resident on to fulfill her dream of writing her first publication is the aforementioned Olson, who was born without arms and legs.

While Virginia Beach resident Olson leads an “incredibly” independent life, according to O’Sullivan, she relies on caregivers to support her with everyday tasks that most of us take for granted.

“Because Lisa has always had a job and saved on her 401(k), as recommended for responsible college grads, she was not eligible for need-based government assistance like disability or Medicaid. Suddenly the story of A Farmer Helping a Butterfly had a purpose. I wanted to publish this book so that a message of helping others would be shared, and I wanted to sell it to as wide an audience as possible in the hopes that the proceeds from book sales could cover the cost of Lisa’s book and allow her to care independently and to be safe,” said O’Sullivan, who first forged her lifelong bond with Olson in the third grade.

As she rattled off the names of some of her favorite authors who have profoundly influenced and nurtured her love of the written word, O’Sullivan mentioned Minouche Shafik and Ken Follet, whose historical novels have been particularly influential.

As for the kind of tips and tricks she’d offer to a novice writer trying to navigate a career that requires a great deal of focus and dedication, the Northeast transplant advises — first and foremost — to cut out all forms of distractions.

“We all live very busy lives and it’s important that you recognize and reduce the things that are holding you back. Maybe it’s a funny video clip that leads to a mindless hour scrolling through social media or a relationship that draws you into unhealthy habits. You are not just a consumer in life, you have something to contribute to others.

Spend time with your thoughts, perhaps through prayer or silent meditation, to identify what you feel called to contribute. Then stay tuned. When you live your purpose of serving others, it doesn’t matter if you have one listener or a million, your heart will feel filled.”

“Glory be to you!” is available in hardback and paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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