Locke Bio enables emerging e-commerce brands to sell prescription drugs directly to consumers


Lock Bio offers a streamlined and affordable solution for brands to quickly enter this emerging healthcare market

LOS ANGELES, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lock Bio, a digital health platform company, today announced a new offering aimed at emerging e-commerce and telemedicine brand owners looking to expand their offerings to include prescription medicines. The solution offers a streamlined platform experience at an affordable price to help smaller e-commerce businesses gain a foothold in this highly profitable market.

The new solution starts at $1,500 per month and gives access to e-commerce brands Locke bios White label platform including custom patient enrollment, e-commerce payment processing and more. Companies have access to it too Locke bios Extensive US and Canadian network of pharmacies and doctors. Furthermore, this is partly thanks to the company new partnership and integration with LegitScripteCommerce businesses can drastically reduce their time to market, with the potential to earn LegitScript certification in weeks instead of months.

“Prescription drugs are a new, burgeoning area in e-commerce because they present an unprecedented opportunity to increase sales and increase profit margins. But cost is a major barrier to entry for new entrants – our competitors have prohibitively high floor prices and software fees, and the do-it-yourself model is too complex and resource-consuming,” said Cathy Tie, CEO of Lock Bio. “That’s why we’re so excited about this new offering: we’re democratizing the digital health playing field and enabling almost any Company to launch a DTC brand for telemedicine or prescription drugs.”

mailbox drugsa men’s sexual health e-commerce platform, is one of the clients already benefiting from it Locke bios new offer. Mandeep YassalCEO of Mailbox Meds, shared, “With more patients than ever using telemedicine for their daily needs, this is an opportune time to enter the prescription drug e-commerce space. Lock Bio has been an incredible partner in helping us get our online storefront up and running – and as we are a new company looking to optimize cost efficiency, it’s great to be able to benefit from their new pricing model.”

After this announcement Lock Bio will host a webinar entitled Bringing Healthcare Online: The Next Phase In E-Comm Disruption March 23, 2023at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET. Tie will be accompanied by a panel of renowned experts in the field, including Paul JohnsonFounder and CEO of Lemonaid Health, a telehealth company that has recently made a name for itself 400 million dollars exit to 23andMe; as well as Yarone Goren, who is co-founder and COO of SteadyMD, a telemedicine technology platform for enterprise and clinician providers that enables high-quality telemedicine patient experiences for healthcare leaders and innovators. The event, part of Locke bios Monthly webinar series can be found at the following link:

learn more about it Lock Bioplease visit:

Around Lock Bio
Lock Bio is a digital health platform company dedicated to helping any enterprise launch a fully integrated, branded telehealth service that includes customized patient onboarding and onboarding, personalized telemedicine consultations, EMR, e-commerce payments, advanced marketing analytics, as well as a North American Provider and pharmacy network includes . Now prescription brands can go directly to the consumer market without the costly, time-consuming and arduous work of reinventing the wheel. Visit to learn more or request a demo.



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