Long-distance hiking event is coming to Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail in June


Hikers smile for the camera as they take part in a bygone mammoth march.

“Not your average hike” is perhaps an understatement for the MammothMarch, a long-distance hiking event coming to Wisconsin for the first time this year.

The June 3 event invites participants to hike 20 or 30 miles in one day primarily on the Ice Age Trail through the Northern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest—a challenging hike on any trail, let alone the hilly Ice Age Trail that dips and climbs over the cirques and moraines that give the forest its name.

Of course, trail runners run double the distance every year in races like the Ice Age Trail 50. But not everyone has what it takes to be an ultrarunner, and for those who don’t, the MammothMarch is a worthy and more achievable goal.

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