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(KMAland) — The Martin Blog Spring Sports Preview series continues with a look at the Western Iowa Conference Girls Soccer.


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There were three very, very, very good teams in the Western Iowa Conference last season that fought for the conference championship well into the year. In the end, Underwood bested Tri-Center and Treynor before reaching the state semifinals. The ranking was as follows:

1. Underwood Eagles – 14-3-1 overall, 4-0-1 conference

2. Tri-Center Trojans – 13-5 overall, 4-1 conference

3. Treynor Cardinals – 9-4-1 overall, 3-1-1 conference

4. Logan-Magnolia Panthers – 3-15 overall, 2-3 conference

5. Missouri Valley Big Reds – 3-9 overall, 1-4 conference

6. AHSTW Vikings – 0-15 overall, 0-5 conference


•AHSTW: Beth Fall

•Logan Magnolia: Daniel Robbins

• Missouri Valley: Dustin Koyle

•Treynor: Unlisted

•Tri Center: Jeff Lefeber

•Underwood: Tyler Nelson


1. Tieler Hull, Sophomore, Underwood (28 goals)

2. Clara Teigland, senior, Treynor (26 goals)

3. Georgia Paulson, Junior, Underwood (21 goals)

**This was a very productive goalscoring conference last season with six players scoring at least 21 goals. Three of them are back, with Hull, Teigland and Paulson combining for 75 in the back of the net.

4. Zoe Heim, Sophomore, Logan-Magnolia & Quincey Schneekloth, Sophomore, Tri-Center (9 goals)

**Get this: There was no deal between Paulson and Heim/Schneckloth. The ranking rose from 21 to 9.

6. Lola Paulson, Sophomore, Underwood & Cassidy Cunningham, Junior, Underwood (8 goals)

**More Underwood firepower returning to the herd.

8. Sophia Caniglia, junior, Missouri Valley & Sadie Schaaf, senior, Treynor (7 goals)

**The Missouri Valley’s top scorer makes her way onto the list, while Treynors Schaaf should also have plenty of opportunities to top last season’s total.

10. Raegan Ward, Junior, Underwood & Haley Stangl, Sophomore, Underwood (6 goals)

** Do you think Underwood will be pretty difficult to manage?

12. Rachel Hundtofte, senior, tri-center & Macey Johnson, sophomore, Underwood (5 goals)

14. Jada Cohn, senior, Logan-Magnolia (4 goals)

15. McKenna Witte, Junior, Logan-Magnolia & Brooklyn Lally, Sophomore, Logan-Magnolia & Brooke Daughenbaugh, Senior, Tri-Center & Angel Armstrong, Sophomore, Tri-Center (3 goals)

**The remainder of the top 15 includes three from Tri-Center, three from Lo-Ma, and another from Underwood.


1. Clara Teigland, senior, Treynor (22 assists)

**One of the top scorers in the region and state also assisted many others and ended her junior season with 22 assists.

2. Georgia Paulson, Jr., Underwood (17 assists)

3. Brooke Daughenbaugh, senior, tri-center & Raegan Ward, junior, Underwood (13 assists)

**The three other girls in the conference who had double-digit assists and are coming back are two from Underwood and one from Tri-Center.

5. Tieler Hull, sophomore, Underwood (9 assists)

**Hull rounds out the top five, scoring 65 points (third in the conference) in her debut season.

6. Rachel Hundtofte, senior, tri-center & Haley Stangl, sophomore, Underwood (6 assists)

8. Sadie Schaaf, Senior, Treynor (5 assists)

9. Lola Paulson, sophomore, Underwood (4 assists)

10. Brooklyn Lally, Sophomore, Logan-Magnolia & Zoe Heim, Sophomore, Logan-Magnolia & Devon Koyle, Sophomore, Missouri Valley & Cali Bach, Sophomore, Treynor & Angel Armstrong, Sophomore, Tri-Center & Cassidy Cunningham, Junior, Underwood (3 templates)

**That rounds out the top 15 with three from Underwood, two from Tri-Center, two from Treynor, two from Logan-Magnolia, and one from Missouri Valley.


1. Preslie Arbaugh, Senior, Tri-Center (1285 minutes)

**Arbaugh was the only player in the league to score more than 1,000 minutes last season, and that should handle Tri-Center’s loss of firepower a little easier. Their save rate of 82.5% was second among WIC goalkeepers in 2022.

2. Abby Leonard, Senior, Logan-Magnolia (730 minutes)

3. Bella Canada, Senior, AHSTW (729 minutes)

4. Alivia Leonard, Sophomore, Logan-Magnolia (427 minutes)

5. Harlie Sauser, Sophomore, Treynor (295 minutes)

**Lo-Ma’s Leonards will continue to split goal minutes this year, both with over 70.0% save rates. Canada had a 72.6% savings rate last season, and Sauser is likely to have the most minutes for the Cardinals this season after posting an 83.3% savings rate as a freshman.

6. Avery Honan, Sophomore, Underwood (210 minutes)

7. Andyn White, Sophomore, Treynor (172 minutes)

8. Alexis Hernandez, Sophomore, Missouri Valley (123 minutes)

**Three additional sophomores are returning to the group. Honan didn’t concede a goal all season, White will be working well again with Sauser and Hernandez will take over for the graduate Maddie Larson.


There is more to life than goals, assists and goalkeepers. There are defenders who collect a lot of minutes and make sure the ball never crosses their zone. Here are some of them returning with at least two starts and/or 10 games played (with a few exceptions).


-Grace Porter, senior (15 games, 15 starts)

-Isabel Luna, Junior (15 games, 15 starts)

-Claire Mertz, sophomore (15 games, 14 starts)

-Kloe Brannan, sophomore (15 games, 13 starts)

-Allie Anzalone, senior (15 games)

-Jordan Bartunek, sophomore (15 games, 3 starts)

-Saydi Paulsen, Junior (15 games, 15 starts)

– Miranda Akers, junior (14 games, 2 starts)

-Ella Langer, junior (14 games, 14 starts, 1 assist)

-Ellie Peterson, senior (13 games, 13 starts)

-Sienna Christian, sophomore (12 games, 8 starts)

Logan magnolia

-Savannah Guyett, sophomore (17 games, 1 start)

-Mariah Nolting, senior (16 games, 16 starts, 1 goal, 1 assist)

-Ava Worley, sophomore (16 games, 15 starts, 1 goal)

-Penelope Alvis, junior (15 games)

-Katie Gomez, sophomore (15 games)

-Aliciana Cavrera, sophomore (15 games, 15 starts, 1 assist)

-Lilly Kurth, sophomore (15 games, 11 starts)

-Bella Rosengren, sophomore (14 games, 12 starts)

-Kylee Fogelman, sophomore (13 games, 2 starts)

-Kiera Hochstein, Junior (6 games, 2 starts, 1 goal, 1 assist)

-Haedyn Hall, sophomore (6 games, 2 starts)

Missouri Valley

-Carolynn Hutchinson, junior (12 games, 12 starts)

-Sophie Messerschmidt, senior (12 games, 12 starts, 1 assist)

-Brooklyn Lange, junior (11 games, 11 starts, 1 goal, 2 assists)

-Nicole Olson, junior (11 games, 11 starts)

-Bridget Kean, Junior (10 games, 9 stats, 1 goal)

-Maryssa Ronk, senior (8 games, 6 starts)

-Alexis Hernandez, sophomore (5 games, 5 starts)

-Jocelyn Buffum, sophomore (5 games, 3 starts)


-Allie Houser, Junior (13 games, 12 starts, 2 goals, 2 assists)

-Jozie Lewis, Junior (13 games, 12 starts, 2 goals, 2 assists)

-Maili McKern, junior (13 games, 13 starts, 2 goals)

-Morgan Brown, sophomore (13 games, 12 starts, 2 assists)

-Ava Kennedy, sophomore (13 games, 10 starts, 1 assist)

-Grace Alff, senior (11 games)

-Sydne Dotson, senior (11 games, 4 starts, 1 goal)

tri center

-Alexis Flaharty, junior (18 games, 18 starts, 2 goals, 1 assist)

-Abby Schuett, senior (15 games, 15 starts)

-Laura Wuerman, senior (15 games, 15 starts)

-Jaden Franke, senior (14 games, 14 starts)

-Becca Thayer, senior (14 games, 3 starts)

-Ruthie Pendgraft, junior (13 games)

-Cienna Sorensen, junior (11 games, 1 start, 1 goal, 2 assists)

-Natalie Garrison, senior (10 games, 1 start)

-Lauren Arnold, sophomore (9 games, 2 starts)


– Kayleigh Opal, junior (15 games, 13 starts, 2 assists)

-Koryn Trede, junior (15 games, 13 starts, 1 goal, 1 assist)

-Hollie Larson, sophomore (13 games, 2 starts, 2 goals)

-Ava Brensel, Junior (12 games, 9 starts, 2 goals, 2 assists)

-Kay Christensen, sophomore (12 games, 4 starts)

-Rachel Privia, Junior (8 games, 2 starts)


These are not predictions from KMA Sports. They’re a collection of top-returning players + other returning contributors + 2022 conference wins.

1. Undergrowth (24)

2. Logan Magnolia & Tri-Center (21)

4. Treynor (17)

5. AHSTW & Missouri Valley (12)

Thoughts: Treynor probably won’t finish fourth from the start. They have too much talent and too much development in this system to be fighting for another Western Iowa Conference top spot. However, Underwood is exactly where I would have predicted it would be. They’re loaded and bringing back a ton from a team that was in the bottom four in its class last year. They can’t go much further than last year, but with what they’re coming back from, there’s a very real chance they will.

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