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(KMAland) — The Martin Blog Spring Sports Preview series continues with a look at KMAland Girls Golf.


3/7: Hawkeye Ten Conference Boys Football

3/5: Western Iowa Conference Boys Soccer

3/3: Corner Conference Girls Athletics

3/2: Missouri River Conference girls’ soccer

02/28: KMAland girls tennis

2/24: Hawkeye Ten Conference Girls Soccer

2/23: Missouri River Conference boys soccer


The KMAland Girls Golf Preview comes with a look at some of the best returning golfers in the area, ranked by class and score. But first…


•Atlantean Trojans: Kathy Hobson

• Clarinda Cardinals: Ron Grebert

• Creston Panthers: Steve Shantz

•Denison Schleswig Monarchs: Katie Burns

• Glenwood Rams: Maria Jacobus

• Harlan Hurricanes: Todd Bladt

•Kuemper Catholic Knights: Deb Gute

•Lewis Central Titans: Steven Koester

•Red Oak Tigers: Patty Henke

• Shenandoah foal: Jay Soderberg

• St. Albert Saintes: Mike Klusmann

• East Mills Wolverines: Joe Wortman

• Essex Trojans: Logan Sampers

•Fremont-Mills Knights: Greg Ernster

• Griswold Tigers: Jason Reynolds

•Sidney Cowgirls: Janice Shanno

• AHSTW Vikings: Lori Tiarks

•Audubon Wheelers: Paul Lynch

•IKM Manning Wolves: Kevin Lahndorf

•Logan-Magnolia Panthers: Baylee Thompson

• Missouri Valley Big Reds: Lacy West

• Riverside Bulldogs: Mitch Rice

• Treynor Cardinals: Tara Wilkie

•Tri-Center Trojan: Brad Huseman

•Underwood Eagles: Sierra Maguire

•Bedford Bulldogs: Mark Morris

•Key Decatur Cardinals: Calieb Kistler

• East Union Eagles: Dave Campbell

•Lenox Tigers: Tiffany Weller

•Martensdale-St. Mary’s Blue Devils: Tyler O’Tool

•Mount Ayr Raiderettes: Kelly Shaffer

• Wolverines from the Nodaway Valley: Joel Klobnak

•Southeast Warren Warhawks: Matt Logue

• Southwest Valley Timberwolves: Cindy Drake

•Wayne Falcons: Kim Hicks

•Boyer Valley Bulldogs: Gary Neilsen

•CAM Cougars: Joe Wollum

•Coon Rapids-Bayard Crusaders: Amy McAlister

•Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton Spartans: Tom Petersen

• Glidden-Ralston Wildcats: Andrew Golay

•Woodbine Tigers: Alec Schweizer

•Abraham Lincoln Lynx: Jason Smith

•Bishop Heelan Catholic Crusaders: Jessica Carson

• LeMars Bulldogs: Dave Irwin

• Sergeant Bluff Luton Warrior: Troy Husen

•Sioux City East Black Raiders: Mike Winklepleck

• North Stars of Sioux City: Michelle Rustwick

•Sioux City West Wolverines: Frank Irvine

•Thomas Jefferson Yellow Jackets: Rob Dittmer

•Lamoni Demons: Jon Hampton

•Melcher-Dallas Saints: Jim Crozier

• Moravian Mohawks: Darin Fisher

•Mormon Trail Saints: Cassie Moore

Below are the top 50 returning players in the region, according to the combined adjusted average. Groups are divided into seniors, juniors and sophomores, and each of the 50 players has their ranking, school and CAAVG attached to their name.

Here is your list of the best returning KMAland female golfers:


1. Kylie Powers, IKM-Manning (43.30) – Powers returns after being recognized by KMAland Girls Golfer of the Year.

3. Brooklynn Currin, Treynor (45.07) – Currin was a member of last year’s All-KMAland team and earned All-WIC and All-Junior honors in her league.

5. Avery Dowling, Sidney (46.91) – Dowling was the top player in last season’s corner conference and earned an All-KMAland nod after qualifying for the state for the second straight season.

6. Isabella Boyle, Sioux City East (48.74) – The MRC Junior of the Year, Boyle was sixth in the MRC last season.

8. Emma Shields, Lamoni (49.98) – Shields only entered two 9-hole and two 18-hole rounds at Bound from last year, but it was pretty, pretty good.

11. Reese Snyder, CAM (51.85) – KM Sports’ Rolling Valley Conference Junior of the Year, Snyder appears to be the league’s top returnee after a third-place finish at the tournament a year ago.

12. Brianna De La Garza, Sioux City West (52.07) – An MRC All-Junior pick by KMA Sports.

14. Timber Svendsen, Harlan (52.69) – An All-Junior pick in KMA Sports’ Hawkeye Ten Conference.

18. Abby Smith, Atlantic (53.00) – Another key returnee for the Hawkeye Ten Champions. Smith was an all-junior pick in the Hawkeye Ten.

19. Mikaela Downing, Creston (53.09) – The Hawkeye Ten Conference Junior of the Year, Downing finished third in the conference tournament.

21. Kali Irlmeier, Audubon (53.43) – The talented softball star was also a KMA Sports All-WIC and All-Junior honoree.

22. Lexi Noelck, Atlantic (53.59) – Noelck picked up the All-Junior honors in the 2022 KMA Sports Hawkeye Ten.

24. Tatum Watkins, Clarinda (54.78) – Watkins ended up in the Hawkeye Ten Conference All-Junior team.

31. Cara Ohl, Logan-Magnolia (55.81) – Ohl was a 2022 KMA Sports Western Iowa Conference All-Junior pick.

38. Macanna Guritz, Logan-Magnolia (56.39) – A talented all-around athlete, Guritz was named to the WIC All-Junior Team. Note: Guritz is currently recovering from an injury he sustained during basketball season.

43. Abby Burke, Essex/Stanton (57.14) – Burke is also, of course, recovering from injury after earning All-Junior honors last season.

46. ​​Shay Burmeister, Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton (57.50) – An All-Junior pick at the Rolling Valley Conference a year ago.

48. Jaycee Chase, Sioux City West (57.68) – An MRC All-Junior pick in 2022.


4. Morgan Pack, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (45.69) – Pack was named an MRC All-Sophomore by KMA Sports last year.

7. Addison Brink, Riverside (49.35) – WIC runner-up of the year Brink qualified for the state tournament and finished fifth in the WIC tournament to cap off a strong second season.

9. Faith Weber, Glenwood (50.36) – A KMA Sports All-Hawkeye Ten and All-Sophomore selection.

10. Belle Berg, Atlantic (50.56) – The Hawkeye Ten Sophomore of the Year, Berg helped lead Atlantic to another team championship in the league.

17. Mallory Lang, East Mills (52.94) – An All-Corner Conference pick a year ago by KMA Spots.

20. Addy Boll, Glidden-Ralston (53.14) – Boll was a sophomore of the Rolling Valley Conference last year and finished her season at the state tournament.

25. Lily Krohn, St. Albert (54.89) – Krohn received an All-Sophomore nod at the KMAland Conference Awards after her 2022 season.

26. Lexi Narmi, St. Albert (54.92) – I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a waking moment when she doesn’t perform. The all-round standout athlete was an all-sophomore pick in the Hawkeye Ten.

27. Zoe Wittkop, LeMars (55.19) – Wittkop ended up on KMA’s MRC All-Sophomore team in 2022.

29. Alyssa Schorg, Bishop Heelan Catholic (55.55) – MRC runner-up of the year Schorg had the highest MRC tournament result in her class (8th).

30. Taylor Mackey, LeMars (55.63) – Mackey was a KMA Sports MRC All-Sophomore pick.

33. Linsey Keizer, Griswold (56.11) – Keizer was named Corner Conference Sophomore of the Year after finishing fourth in the conference tournament.

34. Ashlyn Gutierrez, Nodaway Valley (56.17) – Gutierrez was KMA Sports’ POI Sophomore of the Year following the 2022 season.

35. Henley Arbaugh, Missouri Valley (56.18) – An all-sophomore pick within KMA’s Western Iowa Conference.

40. Reagan Dowdy, Moravia (56.52) – The Bluegrass Conference’s top scoring junior.

41. Ella Klusman, St Albert (56.59) – Klusman also landed some postseason honors from KMA Sports, earning an all-sophomore nod.

42. Ashlyn Prosser, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (56.75) – Prosser was an all-sophomore player last year, according to this website.

44. Lindsey Davis, Nodaway Valley (57.14) – Davis narrowly missed out on POI Sophomore of the Year last season, but she was an All-POI and All-Sophomore pick.

45. Abby Muller, Atlantic (57.50)

47. Avery Joyce, Glenwood (57.54)

49. Ella Freund, Harlan (57.76) – Freund was a KMA Sports all-sophomore pick last season.

50. Eve Brumbaugh, Sidney (57.86) – Brumbaugh was a Corner Conference All-Sophomore honoree last season.


2. Cora Eckhoff, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (43.44) – Eckhoff, a dual athlete who also plays soccer, was named to the MRC All-Freshman Team a year ago.

13. Madison Hilts, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (52.44) – Hilts was voted MRC Freshman of the Year and an all-freshman pick in the conference by KMA Sports.

15. Brynn Knaus, Red Oak (52.81) – Knaus was a KMA Sports All-Freshman pick in the Hawkeye Ten Conference.

16. Adelia Lydon, Red Oak (52.85) – Addey or Adelia? In any case, she was also an all-freshman choice in H10.

23. Ava Osborn, Sidney (53.60) – Osborn had only recorded two outings on Bound, but she was good enough to pick up all-freshman honors from KMA Sports.

28. Ellie Ward, Sidney (55.25) – Another all-freshman pick in the corner conference.

32. Kylie Kepford, Boyer Valley (56.05) – RVC Freshman of the Year Kepford was in the top-8 in all five major statistical categories in the league.

36. Emersyn Burdic, East Mills (56,22) – Burdic had a strong freshman campaign and was named to the corner conference all-freshman team by KMA Sports.

37. Gianna Rock, Clarinda (56.31) – Yet another All-Freshman pick in the Hawkeye Ten Conference.

39. Joanna Reynolds, Griswold (56.44) – The Corner Conference freshman of the. Reynolds finished third in the corner conference last season.


There are 14 KMAland girls teams that have at least two names on the above top 50 list. Breakdown by conference:

Hawkeye Ten: Atlantic (4), St Albert (3), Clarinda (2), Glenwood (2), Harlan (2), Red Oak (2).

Corner: Sidney (4), East Mills (2), Griswold (2).

Western Iowa: Logan Magnolia (2).

Pride of Iowa: Nodaway Valley (2).

Rolling Valley: No

Missouri River: Sergeant Bluff-Luton (4), LeMars (2), Sioux City West (2).

What does it all mean? Maybe something. Maybe nothing. Maybe… everything? I just hope you enjoyed this drill of the top returnees at KMAland. In the end, that’s all that really matters to me.

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