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Frequently asked questions about the on-deck member waitlist

Waiting list for Padres On Deck memberships

What if I already have a Padres season ticket membership, do I have to pay the waitlist fee for the Padres On Deck membership?

No, the Padres On Deck membership waitlist is for prospective season pass members only. If you are already a Padres Season Ticket member and would like to renew your plan, add additional seats, or have any questions about your Season Ticket membership, please contact your Account Specialist or email [email protected].

If I am a group and/or suite customer, do I have to waitlist for priority to become a season pass member?

Yes, you must waitlist for priority to become a Padres season ticket member.

Group and suite customers are NOT automatically queued for Padres On Deck membership and must register by paying the annual membership fee of $100* per seat.

How much does it cost to join the Padres On Deck member waitlist?

There is an annual membership fee of $100* per seat (up to 4 seats per account).

Is the fee refundable?

Padres On Deck Membership waitlist fees are non-refundable. The program offers multiple benefits*, including access to discounted single-game tickets, priority presale for Padres regular-season single-game tickets and post-season single-game tickets, non-baseball events, and your (1) Padres member event during that calendar year .

Is there a limit to the number of Padres season ticket seats I can purchase through the Padres On Deck Membership waitlist?

If you are eligible to purchase a Padres season ticket membership through the On Deck Membership waitlist, you may purchase the same number of seats as you reserved on the waitlist, up to (4) seats. If you need more seats, contact your Padres representative or email [email protected].

Can I waitlist for Padres On Deck members if I live outside of the San Diego area?

Due to demand, the San Diego Padres reserve the right to restrict Padres On-Deck membership to purchasers with a permanent address within 100 miles of Petco Park.

What benefits do I get after I secure my spot on the Padres On Deck membership waitlist?

Joining the Padres On Deck membership waitlist gives you priority access to purchase a Padres season ticket membership when new seats become available (locations are not guaranteed), access to discounted single-game tickets, as well as priority access to tickets Single game, postseason and special events at Petco Park.

What if I want to purchase more season ticket slots than are available for my On Deck Membership?

Example: I have purchased (2) One Deck Membership Seats but would like to purchase (4) seats if I am eligible to purchase my Padres Season Pass Membership.

Please contact your account executive to add additional seats to your on-deck membership. The number of seats you place allows you up to as many seats for ticket discounts and presales. A maximum of (4) seats may be purchased per On Deck Membership Account.

Will my annual fee for On Deck membership be offset against the cost of my tickets (single game or Padres membership)?

It is NOT valid for the purchase of a ticketed event at Petco Park. Annual On-Deck Membership Fee gives you exclusive access, benefits and savings while on the Padres Season Pass Membership Waitlist.

*Subject to change

Seat selection procedure for season tickets

Can I request specific seats?

When it is your turn to purchase your Padres season ticket membership and select seats, you can select available seats via a virtual seat selection process. With your on-deck membership, you do not submit a specific seat request.

When will I be contacted to select seats?

As an On Deck member, you’ll receive communications as Padres season ticket memberships become available, including advance notice of your seat selection window, the seat selection process, special member offers and benefits, and a one-time introduction to your dedicated service team at your choice places. Please monitor your emails to stay up to date on important details!

What if I don’t like the seats available when it’s my turn to select seats?

Seat availability is dependent on current Padres Season Ticket members renewing their existing seat. If you don’t like the available seats during your seat selection window, you have two options:

1. Choose a seat for the upcoming season and set the term of your Padres season pass membership. By establishing and increasing tenure, you will have improved priority for the annual membership rotation event, held every November*, where current members are invited to rotate their seats based on membership type and tenure.

2. If you do not select seats and maintain your On Deck membership through annual renewal, you will retain your priority access for Padres season ticket memberships for the following season.

Will someone help me with all my questions and needs when it’s my turn?

Naturally! We have staff available year-round to help with any questions. When it comes time to select Padres season ticket membership seats, you will be assigned a dedicated Padres representative to assist you with your new season tickets.

How long do I have to wait on the Padres On Deck membership list before I have the opportunity to purchase a Padres season ticket membership?

Timing is based on seat availability and is subject to the Padres season ticket renewal process and your priority access on the Padres On Deck member waitlist.

How do I know how close I am to becoming a Padres season ticket member?

A Padres representative will contact you by phone and email as the time approaches. It is important that we have your most up-to-date contact information. If you need to change your contact information, please contact your Padres representative, call 619.795.5555 or email [email protected].

Padres On Deck Membership Waitlist Extension and Cancellation

How does the Padres On Deck membership renew?

On-deck memberships auto-renew in January. You have a 30-day opt-out period before paying in January. If you don’t unsubscribe, your card will be charged. You will receive a notification of the opt-out period with instructions on how to opt out. If you wish to renew your On Deck waitlist membership, you do not have to do anything. On-deck membership fees are non-refundable.

How can I turn off auto-renewal?

You can turn off auto-renewal during the December opt-out period. Before the opt-out period expires, the Padres will communicate the opt-out procedure. Once you unsubscribe, your payment will not be processed and your place on the waitlist will be forfeited.

What happens if I don’t get a Padres season ticket membership this season?

Assuming you keep your On-Deck Padres membership, you’ll stay on the waitlist and improve your chances of getting a Padres season ticket membership.

What happens if I don’t renew my Padres On Deck membership?

If you do not renew your Padres On-Deck membership for the 2024 season, you will miss out on the great benefits of the program and you will lose your priority for Padres season ticket memberships.

Is the Padres On-Deck membership fee always $100?

Padres On Deck membership waitlist annual fee is subject to change.

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