Regimen Equity Partners’ portfolio company, Plastifab, has acquired Marchel Industries, expanding Plastifab’s capabilities and accelerating its growth in the United States


Regime Equity Partners Inc

Regime Equity Partners Inc

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Regimen Equity Partners Inc. (“Regimen”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Marchel Industries Inc. (“Marchel” or “the Company”) by its portfolio company give , Plastifab Industries, Inc. (“Plastifab”). Marchel represents a highly synergistic and strategic acquisition that will strengthen Plastifab’s presence in the US market and expand Plastifab’s service portfolio by adding injection molding capabilities to better serve Plastifab’s diverse customer base. Matt Pitts will continue to partner with Marchel and oversee the day-to-day operations of the company, with strategic direction and oversight provided by Plastifab and Regimen.

Based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Marchel is a full-service plastic injection molding and machining company. The company operates from a 36,000 square foot air-conditioned facility equipped with the latest injection molding technology and an in-house tool shop. In addition to full-service plastic injection molding, Marchel’s capabilities include precision machining, electrical discharge machining, plastic design, custom molding, reverse engineering, prototyping, part assembly, testing and dimensional analysis. Committed to excellence in customer service and quality (ISO 9001-2015), the company serves a broad customer base including OEM, medical, government, automotive and industrial companies, among others.

Plastifab and Marchel will benefit from each other through shared services, operational best practices, geographic growth and the ability to offer a broader range of skills and services to customers of both companies.

Ryan Antoniadis, President and CEO of Plastifab, commented, “The addition of Marchel to the Plastifab family is an exciting step forward. Plastifab’s goal is to be a true partner to our customers, developing customized solutions with a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals. The capabilities Marchel demonstrates allow us to follow our mission by strengthening our offering through Marchel’s injection molding capabilities and providing another layer of custom solutions to our valued customers. We are convinced that this partnership is a perfect match as both companies share the same common values. We are grateful to Gene Pitts and his family for entrusting Marchel’s legacy to Plastifab and welcome Matt Pitts as our partner in growing the company.”

Matt Pitts added, “We are delighted to be working with Plastifab and we strongly believe they are the ideal new partner for Marchel. Plastifab brings tremendous capabilities to the table, giving Marchel the opportunity to scale alongside Plastifab. Fit was paramount when choosing our new partner and Plastifab’s commitment to their customers, growth and overall values ​​made them the perfect match. We look forward to Marchel’s next phase of growth and know that Plastifab will sustain the business our family built. Together we are well positioned to grow together for future generations.”

Concluding, Gerry Bellerive, Managing Director at Regimen, added, “The acquisition of Marchel represents another stage of growth for Plastifab, immediately diversifying Plastifab’s service portfolio while expanding into the United States and other end markets. Through years of hard work and dedication to his customers, Gene Pitts and his family have created a fantastic company that complements Plastifab’s product offering. I would like to thank Gene and his family for their years of service and we look forward to working with the next generation, his son Matt Pitts.”

About Plastifab Industries

Headquartered in Quebec, Canada, Plastifab is a manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic products for a wide range of industrial and commercial end uses for customers throughout North America.

Plastifab focuses on creativity and innovation to solve challenging application problems with unique engineered and customized solutions. Plastifab’s success depends on our dynamic team, which has a unique ability to continually improve our processes and customer service across all of our business areas to ensure alignment with customer expectations.

About Regimen Equity Partners

Regimen is a private equity firm specializing in the transfer of ownership from small to mid-sized Canadian organizations. By partnering with seasoned executives, we transform profitable companies into industry-leading players through strategic acquisitions and proven management practices. By building meaningful and enduring relationships, Regimen creates significant long-term wealth through a decades-long approach of measured and sustainable growth. Regimen has offices in Vancouver and Toronto. To learn more about Regimen Equity Partners, visit www.regimenpartners.com.

For more information please contact Nancy Brown (nbrown@regimenpartners.com)

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