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On Tuesday, February 28, Temple Football held the first of 15 allotted spring training sessions, the second under the head coach Stan Drayton. Spring 2023 will culminate with the Cherry & White Spring Game taking place on Saturday, April 8th at 3pm at Edberg Olson Hall. will post a blog of each practice along with videos of the players and/or coaches that will be made available to the media on such days. Please come back throughout spring to keep up with your temple owls.

Tuesday February 28th

In what is probably the earliest start of spring football at Temple, the Owls took the field on the last day of February. Coach Drayton knows the first two drills are helmets only and wanted to go through them before spring break so the team can train with full pads when they return.

With 20 new players joining the 85-man roster, the focus of the day was to keep everyone moving in the right direction. While Coach Drayton acknowledged there would be some mistakes, he emphasized that he wanted the players to play fast and with high energy.

The game of the day came from the quarterback EJ Warner and wide receiver Zae Baines. The two combined for back-to-back deals for first downs. On the first of those two, however, Baines landed with a dive catch before sliding wide on the wet turf.

Thursday March 2nd

Defensive Line 2023 brings back a trio of players – Lancine Turay, Jerquavion MahoneAnd Demerick Morris – who made significant contributions last season. These three played in all 12 games each, and combined for 35 tackles, 10 TFLs and 4.5 sacks. They are joined this season by sophomore Redshirt Alan Hayea transfer from Miami (Fla.) as well as a group of improving young players.

The plays of the day came from two veteran defences, Jordan Magee And Alex Odom, who each got away with interceptions during the seven-a-side practice. Odom later added a pick six throughout the team practice, ending a great day on defense.

Tuesday March 14th

The tight end room is one of the oldest groups on the team and brings back three veterans – David Martin Robinson, JordanSmithAnd James Della Pesca – who made significant contributions last season. Martin-Robinson and Smith finished last season as Temple’s fourth- and fifth-highest receivers with 33 and 25 catches, respectively. Della Pesca served as one of the special team leaders for all units.

The pieces of the day came out From Hubbard when the redshirt sophomore running back burst to center for a 55-yard touchdown during 11-on-11 practice.

Date Practice Availability
Tue., 28.2 1 Stan Drayton (Video), Demerick Morris (Video), EJ Warner (Video)
Th., 3/2 2 Anton Smith (Video), Lancine Turay (Video), Jordan Magee (Video)
Tuesday, March 14th 3 Stan Drayton (Video), JordanSmith (Video), David Martin Robinson (Video)
Thursday, March 16th 4 Marvin Clecidor
Sat., 18.3 5 Chris Wieshan
Tuesday, March 21st 6 Stan Drayton
Thursday, 23.3 7 Jafar Williams
Sat., 25.3 8th Chris Woods
Tuesday, March 28th 9 Stan Drayton
Thursday, March 30th 10 Dominique Bogenman
Sat., 4.1 11 Stan Drayton
Tuesday, April 4th 12 Danny Langdorf
Th., 4/6 13 DJ Eliot
Fri., 4.7 14 Adam Scheier
Sat., 4.8 C&W Stan Drayton

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