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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2023 / Today Silver Lining announces that its technical assistance program for small businesses, SLAP™ (Silver Lining Action Plan) is now available in Spanish. Funded by Wells Fargo, the initiative makes goal setting and business planning more accessible to small business owners looking to increase sales and profits.

Silver Lining has served more than 14,000 English speaking small business owners since its inception in 2005. Over the past 18 years, the company has spent millions of dollars and countless hours understanding the true needs of small business owners, particularly those from marginalized communities. have. Based on these insights, the company has continued to evolve its technology-enabled, data-driven, behavior change-based SaaS platform to meet these needs.

Eduardo Placer, Founder and CEO of Fearless Communicators, is a proud son of Cuban immigrants who grew up in Florida and speaks Spanish as his primary language. He has been using the English language SLAP™ program for 5 years and has increased his business income by over 500% in that time. When told that SLAP™ would be launched in Spanish, his immediate reaction was pure excitement. “I’m so proud to be part of a community that is seriously investing to support Spanish speaking small business owners like me.” “Estoy muy orgulloso de ser parte de una comunidad que está haciendo una inversión seria para apoyar a los propietarios de pequeñas empresas de habla hispana como yo.”

While so many marginalized small business owners have received support during Covid-19, the vast majority of the resources provided have been in English. It was becoming increasingly clear that the most pressing product priority for Silver Lining and the community of business owners that supports it was not to add the next set of features to the program, but to ensure that the program is fully available in Spanish by 4.4 to support + millions of Spanish-speaking small business owners in the US who face many challenges but have limited support in their language.

“According to the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the approximately 4.4 million Hispanic SMEs in the United States contribute more than $700 billion to the American economy each year. It is a true testament to the resilience and creativity of these business owners to know they can accomplish so much with so few resources available. It’s an honor to know that we’ve created something that gives them access to more structure and support so they can increase their success. When Spanish-speaking small business owners thrive, so do our communities and economies,” said Carissa Reiniger, Founder and CEO of Silver Lining.

The launch of SLAP in Spanish is one element of the larger American Small Business Growth Program, a multi-pronged program aimed at transforming the US economy one small business at a time. The program has brought the SLAP™ program to over 700 US-based small business owners from marginalized communities, in addition to conducting multiple innovation projects and public engagement campaigns to address larger systemic issues facing diverse and underserved small businesses. Launching SLAP in Spanish was a key objective of the first phase of America’s small business growth program, and thanks to Wells Fargo’s catalytic capital, Silver Lining underwent an extensive process to translate all elements of the SLAP experience and build the infrastructure for SLAP not only to make it available in Spanish, but to make SLAP easier and more efficient to publish in other languages ​​in the future.

“Having access to a trusted business and financial planning expert can be crucial for a small business owner,” said Jenny Flores, head of small business growth philanthropy at Wells Fargo. “At Wells Fargo, we’re working to expand the capacity of organizations like Silver Lining to reach more entrepreneurs and accelerate their growth.”

With the added support of Wells Fargo, the first 100 Spanish-speaking small business owners who apply for a place in the American Small Business Growth Program will receive the full program worth over $5,000 at a pay-what-you-can rate. Organizations supporting Spanish speaking SMEs and small business owners are encouraged to apply now for these positions.

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Since 2005, Silver Lining has been helping small business owners worldwide build more profitable and sustainable businesses through their proprietary technology-enabled and data-driven small business growth program – SLAP™ – the Silver Lining Action Plan. Her proven scientific approach to behavior change is the modern approach to the age-old problem of starting a small business. Additionally, as part of their commitment to do everything “small business first,” they founded Thank You Small Business – a global movement to thank, celebrate and support all small businesses worldwide, and Impact5X, an initiative for economic justice to break down barriers to access for small business owners from marginalized communities. To learn more about Silver Lining, please visit:

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Wells Fargo, Thursday, March 9, 2023 Image of press release

Wells Fargo, Thursday, March 9, 2023 Image of press release

Silver Lining expands its small business growth program, SLAP™, and is now available in Spanish to fill the resource gap for Spanish speaking SMBs.

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