Unlock protocol integrates with Stakes to bring membership-based dining experiences to life


With Unlock, Stakes Restaurants offers membership opportunities that increase the lifetime value of repeat customers

NEW YORK, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Unlock logthe NFT-based protocol that enables developers and brands to connect directly with their communities online, today announces an integration with Calls, the customer engagement platform that empowers hospitality businesses to build stronger, more direct relationships with their best customers. Together, Unlock and Stakes allow restaurants to sell memberships to their best customers and unlock perks like last-minute reservations, premium tables, access to secret menu items, special events like wine tastings, cooking classes, performances, and more.

Stakes helps restaurants connect directly with their best customers so they can treat them like “owners” and motivate them to visit more often and enjoy an upscale experience. This integration will unlock future features like menu voting, exclusive tastings, referral bonuses and much more. Stakes allows restaurants to increase the lifetime value of their customers by providing them with a unique experience that will keep them investing in the brand and coming back for more!

“Until now, it has never been possible to create a tangible, direct relationship with customers that goes beyond the personal appreciation we all feel when we walk into our favorite restaurants. With Stakes, we’ve created an infrastructure that connects restaurants directly to their best, most valuable customers, enabling them to deliver unique experiences that drive strong engagement and loyalty,” he said Alan Pearlstein, CEO at Stakes. “By building on the Unlock protocol, we were able to bring this vision to life in record time, and our customers have been blown away by the results.”

“What Stakes does is why we created Unlock. There is so much opportunity and untapped value to provide the infrastructure for customers to engage more deeply with the brands they care about and create a community,” said Julien Genestoux, founder of Unlock Protocol. “Instead of relying on email lists and social media posts, restaurants (and any other brand) can now connect directly with their customers and use this infrastructure to go beyond where they are stuck today – discounts and coupons and that’s it – and swipe past the coupon code and into meaningful, tailored, amazing experiences.”

The process is simple. Customers also buy a membership at their favorite restaurant crypto or a credit card, and customers mint an NFT that either goes directly to their wallet or is held by Stakes. When the customer books a reservation, the system automatically recognizes them and unlocks the benefits of their membership. When they arrive at the restaurant, the staff can tell it’s a member reservation and they can offer a premium table, complimentary drinks or desserts, or the endless other possibilities that this infrastructure offers! Additionally, membership NFTs provide a touchpoint for restaurants to reach and retain their best customers by inviting them to special events, voting on holiday menus, and offering just about any other perk imaginable.

“Finding how to get the most lifetime value out of customer acquisition costs is the holy grail of running a business, and Stakes memberships offer restaurateurs and hospitality businesses a new way to expand on that metric,” he said Alan Pearlstein of missions. “Restaurants using our platform have reported some really exciting results and we’re just beginning to see what’s possible!”

About unlock
Unlock is building the new business model of the Internet by opening up new ways for creators to monetize their content through a decentralized access control system. Unlock’s solution is open source, ether-based protocol that streamlines membership benefits for online communities by giving creators control over subscriptions and access to their content without intermediaries. The unlock protocol can be based on publications (paywalls), newsletters, software licenses or even the physical world, such as B. in transport systems are applied. The web has revolutionized all of these areas – Unlock will make them economical.

About missions
Stakes is a new Web3 platform for restaurants, pubs and local hospitality, reinventing loyalty through membership and ownership. Stakes enables any restaurant to create and operate a membership club that offers customers an enhanced dining experience complete with exclusive perks and benefits. Stakes creates a new revenue stream for restaurants to connect directly with their best customers, encourage them to visit more often, and bring more friends and employees to the restaurant.

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