Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval is “secretly working” to save his business empire after a dirty affair with a new venture


VANDERPUMP Rules’ Tom Sandoval has been “secretly working” to save his business empire amid its scandal, The US Sun can exclusively reveal.

Tom’s month-long fling with Raquel Leviss rocked the Vanderpump Rules cast and fans earlier this month after his girlfriend Ariana Madix spotted an “intimate video” on his phone.

Tom Sandoval is “secretly” working to save his business empirePhoto credit: Getty
Tom and Bestie Tom Schwartz are brand ambassadors for Toms’ Good Lovin’ WhiskyCredit: Instagram/tomsgoodlovin

Aside from posting an apology, the reality star has kept quiet and out of the public eye – with the exception of a rare sighting of him at Raquel’s apartment, where he was reportedly filming a scene for Bravo.

Now The US Sun has learned that Tom, 39, is “secretly working” to repair the damage he’s caused not only to his girlfriend of nine and their friendships, but also to his businesses.

The US Sun spoke to Dumbass Whiskey, the whiskey maker’s owner, who exclusively revealed that Tom and his pal Tom Schwartz, 40, are helping bring the liquor to the Golden State.

“Right now we’re in the process of going live with a distributor in the state of California,” Peter Spicer told The US Sun.

“So we should start with RNDC (Republic National Distributing Company).

“It’s also an exciting time for that.”

He continued, “California is opening up, and that’s kind of our benchmark state because [Tom & Tom] are traveling in California and with their restaurant we can concentrate much better [there] than we can in New Jersey.”

Toms’ Good Lovin’ will be featured at the boys’ newly opened restaurant, Schwartz & Sandy’s, and is available on the website and at liquor stores in NJ.

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Peter noted that he has been in contact with Sandoval since news of the scandal broke, but their conversations were “business” and he has not asked about the affair.


Ariana’s ex and Katie Maloney’s ex are promoters of Toms’ Good Lovin’, which means they receive a marketing fee and their income is not affected by sales of the bottles.

However, Peter told The US Sun that apart from the “nasty emails” he’s received from fans, business has been surprisingly good.

Peter Spicer of Toms’ Good Lovin’ is pictured here with Tom Schwartz at a past eventCredit: Peter Spicer
Peter, who last saw the boys at BravoCon 2022, told The US Sun he had spoken to Sandoval since the scandal broke but it was all businessCredit: Peter Spicer

“I can’t say at this point if [“Scandoval”] influenced negatively or positively. But what I enjoy about it is that there seems to be a consciousness out there,” said the dumbass whiskey founder.

“More people are showing interest – positive or negative – I think the brand is known.”

Peter also defended Schwartz, saying he’s a “good guy” for not outing his best friend when in fact he knew about Raquel, 28, and Tom’s secret connections before it was made public.

“Well, I’ve always been told, ‘No PR is bad PR,’ and I’m still undecided on the question, ‘Is it a PR stunt they’re there for? the show?'” added Peter added.

“I don’t know. I’m not inside so I’m not entirely sure.”


Aside from the whiskey brand, Sandoval is also a co-owner with bestie Tom Schwartz of TomTom Restaurant & Bar and Schwartz & Sandy’s in Los Angeles.

As noted in his apology, both restaurants have been affected by the scandal.

Tom told his fans: “Schwartz & Sandy’s may have my name on it, but there are also 3 other partners and 20 employees who depend heavily on the restaurant for their income and families.

“Just like TomTom, I am a small part of a much bigger thing.

“Please direct your anger at me and not at her.”

Schwartz & Sandy’s owner Greg Morris, who appears on this season’s Vanderpump Rules, told The US Sun in a statement that people have been spreading “hate speech” on platforms like Yelp and Google to prevent people from being eat there.

“It’s reckless, irresponsible and callous to call for a boycott or to make patently false allegations against a company that hasn’t been involved in these people’s personal lives,” Greg said.

“This has affected many of the people who have worked honestly and hard to make Schwartz & Sandy’s a place that serves the community.”

He continued: “Most of us [workers] “We are still shattered by the pandemic and were just trying to find a way back, we will continue our efforts to offer a place to people who come from a place of positivity and support.”

Tom’s comeback

Tom is expected to appear in the season 10 reunion, which is expected to film on March 23.

The US Sun previously reported that Raquel will most likely appear virtually rather than in person, according to a source, as she has a restraining order against her castmate Scheana Shay.

The source said the model is “taking the cowardly route by blaming legal issues for not being able to attend physically.”

This will be the first time the cast have come together in a room to compete on Scandoval.

Ariana, 37, is the latest star to break her silence.

After the reunion films, Tom returns to tour with his band Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras.

Her first stop after a break is Friday, April 7th at The Canyon in Montclair, California.

In the meantime, VPR fans can catch the drama in new episodes of Vanderpump Rules every Wednesday night on Bravo.

Tom and Ariana have called it quits after nine years together because he cheated on co-star Raquel LevissPhoto credit: Getty
Tom and Raquel have reportedly been dating since the summer of 2022Credit: Instagram/ raquelleviss
Tom’s next gig with his band is April 7th in Montclair, CaliforniaPhoto credit: Getty

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