Wayfinder Press Event – Everything you need to know about Airship Syndicate’s exciting MMORPG Lite


Did you want to embark on a new unique epic adventure? Well, get ready because signpost Coming soon and there’s a lot to love about this fast-paced, open-world fantasy MMORPG-lite! Developed by Airship Syndicate, the same studio behind it Fighter Fighter: Nightwar, signpost promises to be the developers’ version of an MMORPG that will take you into the mystical and dangerous world of Evanor. Last week, the development team, which included CEO Joe Madureira, design director Steve Madueira, and marketing director AJ Lasaracina, held a press event detailing the pros and cons of Signpost, this coincided with their last closed beta test.

Evanor is a world shrouded in a mysterious darkness that corrupts everything in its path. If you haven’t checked out the comprehensive introduction to signpost and you want to know more about the forerunner of signpost, it is an absolute must. In short, as a Wayfinder, you take on the role of Echos, fallen heroes from the past reborn from the darkness to fight alongside Omen and push back the corruption that continues to engulf the world. To do this, you’ll explore the world of Evanor, fight wild creatures, recover your memories of a life long gone, confront the source of darkness, and hopefully save everyone.

One of the most exciting features of signpost the focus is on boss fights and public events. The game features huge world bosses that require you to team up with other players to defeat them. Public Events are spontaneous occurrences that take place around the world and require players to work together to complete goals and earn rewards. Many of these events are timed, and if you fail or don’t make it to the location in time, you’ll miss out and have to wait for the event to happen again. While there is a large open world to explore alongside other players, there are also plenty of dungeons and hunting missions created for a team of 3 to play. You can modify these dungeons and hunt missions with upgrades to make them harder, spawn different monsters, or drop different rewards. Hunting missions are essentially just boss fights, and while much of the content can be played solo, it always helps to have a cohesive team with a variety of specializations. These missions will also never go out of style as you can complete the difficulty even at the end of the game. There is also a helper system where high level players are rewarded for helping lower level players.

In order to do this and create a strong team, you have to choose from three different archetypes signpost: Warmaster, Arcanist, and Survivalist. Each archetype defines a character’s role in combat, but you can customize your character by changing their weapons and specializations. While a character can be part of a specific archetype, each character has their own special abilities and unique mechanics. Although each character can start with a specific weapon type, weapons aren’t tied to a character, so you can build your wayfinder with whatever weapon you like best. This opens up a lot of customization options, as certain characters can change their roles depending on the weapons they use and the specializations they choose.

When customizing your character, you have to make strategic decisions as you can’t have everything in the skill trees. You’ll also improve your character affinities, which increase base stats like health, weapon damage, and critical hit rate. You can also do this with weapons, all of which require gold and other materials to increase your affinity to the next level. In addition to the customization options available through weapons and specializations, you can also earn new characters and weapons through the crafting system. The game also features an endgame awakening system where you can earn rewards and craft your heroes multiple times to gain power. Everyone needs to craft their characters, so roll up your sleeves for a bit of grinding because progression can flatten out a little more by the time you hit level 30 and finish the game, but the awakening system will make sure you keep progressing. even if it takes a little longer.

Instead of traditional equipment, players will receive Echoes and Artifacts signpost. These echoes have specific stats and come in a variety of rarities that require energy points to place. Some Echoes even boost abilities, meaning you can forgo some stats to add cool new effects to your attacks, help your team, or boost your survivability. Artifacts behave more like traditional gear, but they can be slotted and cultivated as you level up. Some artifacts even have set bonuses that add an extra layer of strategy to character customization.

While signpost features a cast of unique characters with their own stories that will play out apart from the main story. You can still customize their appearance. The game will feature cosmetics that you can earn in-game, including seasons where you earn new cosmetics, characters, and weapons. There are also special cosmetics called Personas that drastically change a character’s appearance. Customization doesn’t just end with your character either. Not only does player housing play a huge part in expressing yourself, but you can also earn special daily items and even empower your friends by fully outfitting your block. Creating your own space will not only be fun but also functional Signpost.

signpost implements the free and fair monetization model, following in the footsteps of war frame. This means nothing has to be paid to win, and the majority of items in the cash shop will be cosmetic. Players can also purchase characters, although all characters are earnable in-game. This model ensures that the game remains fair and accessible to all players, regardless of how much they choose to spend. Currently, Airship Syndicate plans to provide a new character and weapon every 3 months as part of their seasons, which also have many new items and rewards to earn.

As the latest closed beta for signpost has just wrapped up, the team has stated that they are committed to launching Early Access in May, with more testing dates to come before then. Until now, signpost looks like an amazing addition to the MMORPG genre. Its focus on boss battles, character customization, small-scale cooperative play, and larger-scale public events promises a fun and engaging gameplay experience. And let’s not forget the free and fair monetization model that makes it accessible to all. If you want to learn more about it signpost Check out our comprehensive preview of the game, and don’t forget to read our interview with Airship Syndicate for more details on the endgame! So get ready to join the fight and become a trailblazer in the world of Evanor!

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