WWE NXT Roadblock Results Live Blog: HBK/Waller Face to Face


Here’s a place to check out the results and comment along with the latest episode of WWE NXT will air live Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern Time Slot on USA Network.

Promoted for today’s WWE Performance Center Roadblock special, Shawn Michaels tries to deal with his Grayson-Waller issue by appearing on the brash young Australian Superstar’s in-show talk show, Roxanne Perez defending the NXT Women’s Title vs. Legendary Meiko Satomura & NXT Champion Bron Breakker teams up with The Creeds to take on Jinder Mahal & Indus Sher! Plus, a Toxic Attraction Grudge Match between Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne, Tony D’Angelo & Dijak in a Jailhouse Street Fight, Andre Chase & Joe Gacy going one on one… and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT The live blog will start as soon as the show starts in the US. A running record of everything that happens is here under this line.

Enjoy the show!


It was quite suddenly that the preacher came to town with stories from the wills of men of great repute. With his box of patent medicine, he vowed to cure all ills, but me? I’m just here to live blog this pro wrestling show for you guys.

The show begins with a video package narrated by Tiffany Stratton breaking down tonight’s show.

Donovan Dijak vs. Tony D’Angelo (Jailhouse Street Fight)

Action to the ground almost immediately, Dijak has a nightstick but D’Angelo takes it from him and hits him with it! Donovan fights his way over to the jail cell where it seems the only way to win the match is to lock his opponent up to make it stink. Donovan fights back and grabs a chair, but Tony flips him over and throws him in!

Dijak chokeslams a chair in the ring and goes down for more loot! He throws chairs in and goes in to capitalize, but D’Angelo turns around and slams him into the chairs from above to send us for the break!

Back from the commercial, Dijak punches D’Angelo and he lands on a table on the floor… DONOVAN DIJAK ELEBROWS OFF THE APRON AND THROUGH THE TABLE! He tosses Tony into the cell and tries to close the door, D’Angelo struggles, bending back the dislocated finger, then catches it with a moment of silence!

Dijak avoids being trapped by grabbing Stacks and holding him hostage, and when he comes out Tony yelps at him with a steel chair! Donovan turns things around and drags him into the cell, but Stacks sacrifices himself to keep the door open and get the crowbar to the Don!

Backbreaker rack, Feast Your Eyes pulls out Stacks and D’Angelo crowbars down Dijak! Again and again he pushes him backwards into the cell and slams the door in Tall Don’s face…

Tony D’Angelo wins by locking Donovan Dijak in the cell.

Roxanne Perez is being interviewed backstage.

She is quite scared and Meiko Satomura hit her last time they met but this time she will do it differently. She’s done everything she can to prepare and she knows this isn’t her first title defense, but it’s the biggest and she has to go into Stand & Deliver as a champion.

She is ready and will do anything to keep her title.

We see Gallus and Pretty Deadly going backstage and going into intermission in separate shots.

Back from the commercial, Josh Briggs arrives at Kiana James’ office to chat with her, as he promised Brooks Jensen.

She says Brooks’ happiness is hers and she dedicates herself to her team with Fallon Henley, and Briggs tries to convince her how listless he is with the state of the relationship. James says she is overwhelmed with business and Josh tells her that Brooks is afraid of making the wrong move and that she needs to take the lead.

She says she will call Jensen later and set up a makeup date.

Gallus stand in the ring, microphones in hand.

They call Pretty Deadly to get the receipts that are waiting for them.

They appear in the crowd on a platform behind them and Wolfgang yells at them. Pretty Deadly say they want the NXT Tag Team Championship back and Mark Coffey tells them to come and take it. Pretty Deadly pretend to give them a good beating tonight, but Gallus tells them they’re not going to do anything tonight.

Pretty Deadly up on the apron, Wolfgang hurls them in and the former champions are on the bad side of a beatdown.

Lyra Valkyrie cuts a promo about how she came to NXT looking for a fight and now her eyes are on the NXT Women’s Championship.

Bron Breakker and the Creed Brothers perform and we go on intermission.

Back from the commercial we get a promo from Ilya Dragunov about how JD McDonagh can’t break his spirit because he’s invincible.

Dragon Lee is featured in the crowd as the newest addition to NXT.

Bron Breakker & Creed Brothers (Brutus & Julius Creed) vs. Indus Sher (Jinder Mahal, Sanga & Veer Mahaan)

Full brawl in front of the bell, Indus Sher is in control! Finally, Mahaan throws Breakker in the ring and we get a bell!

Bron off the ropes, duck a lasso, a big lasso to himself! Tags made, Julius slams Brutus into Sanga, but the big man quickly turns things around and switches Mahal in. Clubbing, looking for a suplex, Creed reverses and hits a vertical suplex of his own!

The babyface rally continues, triple jumps are killing everyone and we’re going to break!

Back from commercials, Carmelo Hayes has joined the commentary booth.

Jinder has Julius under control, Big Knee gets a near fall! Tags done, Brutus chops Veer on fire, spinebusters in windmill punches, clears Sanga off the apron and goes down for an ax handle on Mahal! Mahaan with a banzai drop, buzzsaw roundhouse kick, tag to sanga!

Elbowed overhead, Creed throws into the ropes to clear the apron, but he escapes and hits a running Brutus Bomb and follows it with an Olympic Slam! Somersault senton, hang on breakker! Double jump moonsault, blind tag to Julius, from the top with a 450 splash… MAHAAN BREAK IT UP!

Chokeslam into a giant lasso, veer with a side press… JULIUS KICK OUT! Match collapses, Bron pulls out Sanga, cartwheel DDT by Julius on Veer, electric chair… BRUTUS BOMB DOOMSDAY DEVICE HAS IT!

Bron Breakker & Creed Brothers win via pinfall with a Brutus Bomb Doomsday Device from the Creeds on Veer Mahaan.

We cut backstage to “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels with Matt Bloom.

Bloom is concerned about Michael’s meeting with Grayson Waller, but the Heartbreak Man says he knows what he’s getting into and we go on break.

Back from the commercial, we get a recap of the fallout from Toxic Attraction’s split.

We see Meiko Satomura warming up backstage.

Grayson Waller is in the ring and on the mic.

He welcomes us to the Grayson-Waller Effect and introduces his guest today, “Heartbreak Man” Shawn Michaels, who still thinks he’s cute and knows he’s sexy while I think I’m sexy and *know * for being cute, thanks.

Waller admits that ten-year-old Grayson would freak out now, but today he’d tell himself he’d be disappointed because Shawn isn’t who you think he is and he’d tell him to be young instead Type by Bret Hart.

Michaels stumbles over his words, saying they used to be cool and Waller would come over to ask questions, but now he hates him, and why is that? Grayson says since winning the Iron Survivor he’s said he’d take over the brand, he’s the best on the mic, in the ring and on social media, and he doesn’t care who he upsets because it’s his want number one.

And for some reason Shawn treats him the same way Vince McMahon treated him. He held him back for not being big enough and not a tie, but he proved him wrong, and congratulations. But now he’s Vince, and why? Is he jealous? Isn’t Grayson kissing enough ass or giving him the power to take a picture after every big match?

He accuses HBM of holding him back and Shawn tells him he’s not the type because he lost on Vengeance Day. New Year’s Evil wasn’t his fault, but that’s why they pulled off the cage match and claimed a decisive winner. Grayson took a shot and missed and now he’s mad and wants to blame someone, but the guy he has to look at is the guy in the mirror.

Waller tells him that he only got his job because his best mate Hunter had a heart attack, and that’s the truth. Shawn admits he stepped in because his friend needed him and that was the least he could do after everything Triple H did for him and Hunter was in charge, but he’s the one doing this now ship directs.

Grayson says he’s steering the ship straight into an iceberg because he’s the brand’s biggest star and now he’s no longer with Stand & Deliver? He wouldn’t be surprised if he got circumcised after Mania and Shawn tells him his problem is that he feels he’s bigger than the brand but NXT as a collective is on the shoulders of guys like Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, Undisputed Era, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair.

He lists a few current stars, including Waller, but tells him he’s just a part of it. Waller tells him he’s tugging at his heart and that nobody’s better at hyping an audience than Shawn Michaels, but he sees through it. It was always “I’m the icon, Mr. WrestleMania, the main event”, since when is he talking about us?

Michaels admits his playing career was all about him, but the second he walked in he knew it was different and NXT was something special. Grayson asks what makes it so special and says he’s sick of NXT and the people backstage say they want to be a superstar and they’re not doing anything about it.

The audience is the same people in the same clothes every week, and he’s really sick of having a boss with the biggest box office hit of all time right in front of him…

Shawn yells at him and says he wants to run him over, he can knock his socks off, hop on the bandwagon but never run over that mark. Waller tells him to take off the stupid cowboy hat and tune the band one last time, and HBM takes off his jacket!

He says he’s been challenged by the world’s greats to their WrestleMania dream match for over a decade, and Waller thinks he’s that special? They’ve driven the Brinks truck to his door so many times, year after year, that drivers know its address by heart, and Grayson thinks it’s pretty special, but today he’s just the guy who’s asking for it.

Nothing would excite him more than whipping his ass at Stand & Deliver, but the reality is there’s someone out there who wants to whip his ass even more, and he’s making NXT bleed even more than Shawn. He’ll grant his wish for a match against Stand & Deliver, but he doesn’t get Michaels, he gets Johnny Gargano!

Gargano drives him away and we go on the break.

Gigi Dolin vs Jacy Jayne

Dolin rushes in, they rush and brawl rough and ready! Jayne tries to run away and climbs the barricade, but Gigi gets her back inside. Jacy rolls to the other side of the ring and hits Dolin with a rolling elbow! A chair shot evens out Gigi’s chances and we go on the break.

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