ZineOne Accelerates Evolution of In-Session Marketing With Rebranding to Session AI and Industry-First Research Report


Session AI’s first annual industry report on the state of in-session marketing reveals that 97% of retailers see converting anonymous website traffic as essential to privacy-first e-commerce marketing

MILPITAS, Calif., March 13, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZineOne, the in-session marketing platform that provides businesses with real-time behavioral intelligence and increased conversions for anonymous website visitors, today announced its official rebranding to Session AI.

Session AI represents a major evolution of ZineOne and reflects the company’s focus on in-session marketing and privacy-focused e-commerce solutions. As third-party cookies are on the decline, Session AI is at the forefront of a new marketing movement aimed at understanding, uncovering, and transforming consumer intelligence signals in a world where privacy is paramount. Session AI analyzes clickstream data to understand and predict intent, enabling brands to deliver highly personalized consumer experiences, increase engagement, increase conversion rates, average order values ​​and revenue per visitor.

The new name also reflects the technology behind Session AI, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help brands predict customer needs and wants. On average, this has allowed retailers to increase conversions for anonymous visitors by an average of 25% and conversions for known visitors in targeted segments by 29.6%. Current customers include well-known names such as Men’s Wearhouse, KEEN Footwear and Advance Auto Parts.

“Since our inception, ensuring relevant consumer experiences with AI-driven intelligence has been an integral part of how ecommerce brands do business,” said Debjani Deb, co-founder and CEO of Session AI. “We’ve built a clearer understanding of consumer behavior focused on real-time in-session interactions, and I’m proud to say we’ve helped our customers achieve exceptional results. In this fast-moving ecommerce landscape focused on the fundamentals of conversation and generating revenue per click, the Session AI team is focused on using artificial intelligence to improve business outcomes. As such, we look forward to beginning this next chapter as session AI.”

The state of in-session marketing in 2023

The rebrand demonstrates Session AI’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of e-commerce brands. It also mirrors the findings of Session AI’s State of In-Session Marketing 2023 report, which found that almost all retailers (98%) have concerns about converting anonymous website traffic – and 97% believe website traffic Real-time conversions will be essential after removing third-party cookies from browsers. The report’s findings also underscore the need for greater awareness of the importance of anonymous traffic. On average, respondents estimated that anonymous visitors made up an average of 50% of their ecommerce traffic, however session AI data revealed that the number is actually closer to 90%.

“We’re seeing a disconnect between perceived and actual data around anonymous traffic for retailers. This means there is an incredible amount of untapped potential for brands to realize through in-session marketing,” said Deb. “Our goal with the rebrand is to further solidify Session AI as the no-fuss solution retailers are looking for to maintain privacy while increasing engagement and conversions for anonymous traffic. Built for a world where privacy is paramount, with evolving e-commerce needs, we empower brands to unlock infinite potential and deliver the personalized experiences customers crave.”

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About Session AI

Session AI revolutionizes e-commerce with in-session marketing. Ninety percent of ecommerce sessions are anonymous, and Session AI addresses this challenge by leveraging ML models to understand consumer microbehavior in real-time for known and unknown visitors at scale. This privacy-first intelligence enables brands to deliver personalized experiences that convert in the moment. Leading companies like KOHL’s, Men’s Wearhouse, KEEN and Advance Auto Parts have seen remarkable results, with millions in additional revenue and 32% increases in conversion rates. Session AI is proud to partner with leading industry players such as Adobe, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, HCL Software, Pega and AWS. Visit to learn more.

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